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vendredi, janvier 21, 2005

A scary sighting on the Metro

As I went out late with my colleague for a japanese dinner, I had to take the metro back at close to 12am.

There is this old man, sitting all on his own, with clutches.. AND the scary part is, he has blood around his forehead and eye area. The blood is slowly flowing down.

He kept making funny noises, as if talking to himself. Super scary.

There were a few people around, but they just either stared at him or ignore him. Nobody really cared.=(

I felt quite sad actually, to leave that man alone. But my french speaking competence level is not up to that yet. so.. yup..

I hope he is well.

Anyway, I think I made a terrible mistake by telling my colleague that he looks pretty enough to attract gays. Terrible terrible mistake!

However, don't you think that it is actually a compliment??? orlando blooms is an example of a pretty guy. and he has a huge female fan base. As a girl, I can't understand what is wrong.

So isn't it like when you have already 10 apples on hand, and suddenly someone gives you 5 oranges. Isn't it something to be happy about?

Apparently he doesnt think so, he thinks that it is like he has 10 apples on hand, and suddenly someone give him some cocaine!