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jeudi, janvier 20, 2005

My new MD

Special thanks to my dearest friend, psn. She gave me an MD full of Mayday's new songs!! how nice. Thanks for the CD too!

Being a highly deprived person, I have been listening to it quite frequently, during working especially!!

OK, will give a review here to show my deepest appreciation.

Sun Wu Kong: I love it!! I love it!!! i think it is my favourite!!
I liked the really indian-like intro, cos this monkey went to india for those sacred scriptures!
There is one phase about him, not being afraid of falling in love with the wrong person, but being afriad of not falling in love before..
This gives me shivers.. basically can't visualise the monkey being romantic and all lar.
Jue Jiang: It is a typical Mayday song. Typical doesnt be normal. Well, typical mayday songs are nice!
(haha..see how politically correct i am?=P)
FYI, psn is a DIE HARD mayday fan, she just flew to taiwan for a mayday concert! (and I used to think that I will only get to know about such crazy fans from the newspapers, or the xing qi wu zhou bao) haha
Ting bu dao: I love this one too!! i think ah xing brings out the flavour of the song more than fish leong.

ok, I am stuck at these 3 songs, repeating them before I can proceed. Sorry, I really do want to appreciate slowly, instead of listening all in a rush! =P

Thank you alot!!PSN