A Bimbo, Re-Defined

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vendredi, janvier 21, 2005


I am sure you have experienced it, at some point or another, you just have NO mood to work at all. (if you haven, good for u. you are a precious gem for your company.)

Today, is one of these days. Mainly because of a few main reasons:

1. Singapore is having a holiday!! Hari Raya, so why oh why am I working!!!! I am in France, so sad.

2. This is a friday, the weekend forever seems so near yet so far!
( looks sadly at the clock on my computer, 14:57pm it said to me) =(
Low morale.

3. In just a few hours.. I will be out of Paris and france!!hahaha.. visiting a city where there are alot of musicals. soo looking forward to it!

So, as compared to the things I have planned, working is so sian now! Headache and all. Sian sian and more sian.

Help me someone. My left eye lid is twitching, I wonder is it good luck or bad luck. Do you have an idea?