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dimanche, janvier 30, 2005

Me, the chek ko pek

I am currently waiting for the cheerleading video clip to finish downloading. it is taking soooo freaking long and I really really wanna watch it!!

Or then one of my dearest friend, MEL, is in it. Also, to gawk at the cheerleaders of course!! Muahaha... well, it is more of the stunts and dance steps, that just by watching, gives me an adrenaline rush. *mm is the one who educated me about adrenaline rush, cos she made me watch this omnitheatre show:P*

sososoo looking forward to that.

Meanwhile, my yahoo auctions are doing well! Remember the previously anticipated shopping trip? yup, may I present here: the NEW hardcore fan of GAP!!! no, I did not find any wristlets. But the bag with rhinestones are sooo gorgeous!! Check it out! So pretty that I bought a bucket of it! HA! not so kua zhang lar.

*stares at the msn progress bar*


hmm.. let me select some pictures from london. Only interesting ones lar, I shall not bore u nice people with sceneric and momenutal pictures:)