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dimanche, janvier 30, 2005

Londres - my dream habitat!!!

Oh, I really want to live in london for a while. I do hope I get the chance!!

I am sure sis will want it too.

London is home to almost all the great great musicals. AND being a musical freak, I love love love that city!!


Isnt it amazing??? I only managed to watch 2 musicals. They are cheaper than in Singapore too! so happily. Due to time constraints I can only watch 2. =( My friend was like complaining, saying that why waste your time on musicals, u should see london city instead.

tsk, hua4 bu4 tou2 ji1 ban4 ju4 duo1 ( if you speak to someone who doesnt share the same point of view, even half a sentence seems too much).

Lets go stay there RU!

one thing that I find amusing is:

There are people paid just to stand around with sign boards. What a waste of human resource!

Also, the MRT there is called tube. And the tube workers just had some strike. From what my friend said, they actually earn more than the starting pay of a doctor. AND they go on strike as and when, for more ridiculous reasons than the french. For example: this person got fired because he was drunk when he came to work, and the people will go on strike just to bring him back!

if it is true, it can be quite ridiculous.

One most fulfilling thing of this trip is that I finally met up with my long lost friend LY. Knew her since sec 1, 12-13 yrs old. She used to be rather tom boyish, with short bowl like hair. AND NOW? she is gorg!! with streaks and permed hair. with a french bf to boot!