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lundi, janvier 17, 2005

Karma, do you believe?

Do you believe in Karma?

This short thingy happened to me on Saturday.

So, remember this thing that made me laugh out loud in the office? This apple thingy?

Yes yes, so my boss kept bugging me and asked me, whats so funny. So I have to make something up. Guess how smart am I. I actually said that it was because my friend saw the picture of your house and thought that it looked like an altar. And proceed to explain what an altar is.

THEN, after confirming that I am meeting my friend at 11am for shopping on saturday, my boss demanded that I have to go pick out some asian cultery, as his family is sponsoring him for his birthday. So that he wun pick out more altar-like stuff!!!!

SO, I have to drag myself up really early (okok, not that early) to go to Printemps (this expensive place) to pick out plates and cultery with my boss at 10am.

Totally tired for the whole day due to that!

Now, this is what I call Karma.

apple laughing->altar joke->waking up early->long and tired shopping day