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lundi, janvier 10, 2005

Intel vs AMD

Please ignore this rather nerdish post, if you wish.

Today is my company's annual dinner, and hence I decided to wear a long dress to work. And this experience reminded me why do i hate to wear long skirt!!

they are super constrainting, especially so when one is late for work. So as I am doing my best to walk as fast as I can, I could not take bigger steps, why? Because this irritating long skirt is contrainting my movement.

Hence I have to make small steps but more steps. I so feel like an Intel processor, who has to be faster to outrun the AMD processor (who claims to be able to perform more tasks per clock cycle). =(

Yup, very nerdy hor. I would imagine, only those nerds with their shirts tucked into their light blue jeans (very fashionable during leon lai period!) making jokes of such nature!


I am really so tired today, due to the late night out yesterday. will update you people about it soon! I am definitely swearing off late Sunday nights!!! It gives me the monday blues.

The most difficult thing I have to do each weekday, is to drag myself out of bed. Each time the alarm rings, I will promise myself 5 more minutes and then it rings again, and 5 more minutes. And the vicious cycle goes on and on. Until I realise I am going to be late, and I have jolt out of bed, hurrily do eveything, and rush off!!

Does anyone out there feel the same way??

Anyway!!!! I LOVE you people!! thanks for submitting your answer to the RUHUA quiz!!!you people are incredible!!! *hugs and kisses to all!!!*

Will post the answers at the end of the week (prob friday), so it is still not too late for you to submit your answers!!! Email your answers to janinamania@gmail.com now!

Meanwhile, do you all know of any asian recipes, that are fool proof, and tastes good? Please let me know! I think I have to return the favour to my french boss by cooking for him. So sian, I feel so inadequate. Please remember that the recipe has to be really fool proof!! (ie, even the orang utan in mandai zoo can do it as well)

Take care to all!!~~