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jeudi, janvier 27, 2005

Il neige au jourd'hui

It was a rather good day for me today. To end it, it is snowing quite a far bit, by the time I end work.=)

Really nice to see the snow floating down like some fluff. but of course, it is not very glam when it drops on ur face and spoils your makeup, OR when it drops on your hair, and make your hair sticky, etc.

speaking of hair, yes yes, I offically have a short, layer and somewhat ugly fringe!! ARGH!! The whole story is as such: I slept with my hair slightly wet yesterday, so horrors horrors!! i woke up with a bad BANG-ED fringe, and frizzy looking hair, even though I did a hair mask that night! so freaked out, i pile on leave-in conditioner to obtain my lovely shiny straight hair again. (yes yes, I am a hair freak, but i think i m better than cw --the female version of course!)

So, i m haveing a really really good hair day today, ignoring my fringe though! But that is not the only reason why I am relatively in a chirpy mood today.

Another is, my dear dear friend in phoenix, USA, gallantly offered to help buy that levis jeans I am eyeing for me!! it has lovely diamonates on it, and is simply gorgeous! I love shiny shiny things. My colleague (Mr dolphin, i shall name him, else it will be difficult for you to follow. why dolphin? hmm.. that is a very chim question, if you have read my blog, u will know!!).

OKOK, MR Dolphin is going to US to meet MS Dolphin. and apparently, Ms Dolphina Dolphin is extremely jealous, and might kill Mr Dolphin if he helps buy jeans for his female colleagues. So, when I was talking to Mr Phoenix this morning, I was so happy that he offered to help buy. and Dolphina will not make a fuss, as Dolphine is helping Phoenix to bring the jeans to his friend--ME!

Really really thankful. I did not even asked him to do so!! very very nice person!!Levis is cheap in US! it is like around 20-30 USD for my jeans. what a beautiful day.

How was your day? was is beautiful as well??=)