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mercredi, janvier 12, 2005

I love China!

You all might have already known that my passion for business, particularly selling things!

It is amazing that people are actually willing to exchange their hard earned money with the things you are selling, no? For me, it is really makes my day!

I think to date, I have sold a big variety of things through various channels. These include
-selling Chinese ink thingy (muo yan) in the flea market at Clarke Quay,
-selling perfumes in Taka (aka a cosmetic counter bimbo),
-selling my school to propective sponsors,
-consigning 77th street products to sell, blah blah blah
-to the recent and most ridiculous: selling mini sewing machines.

If you have already brought your mini sewing machine, thank you for your purchase! if not, go have a look at yahoo auctions!simply search for mini sewing machine! haha

In my opinion, suppliers from Korea, and China especially are superb! You can get almost everything there. Of course it does help that I have relatives working there in China.

Anyway, because of my recent stint, in yet another funny business. I need to source for plastic containers. Just wanna share with u all the funny response, that caused me to make a HUGE fool out of myself, laughing like a crazy woman in the otherwise, rather quiet office..

This is one of the funniest response I've got the China suppliers, when I sent a mail asking for plastic containers:

But unfortunately I only can supply you the fresh apples such as Bag
Fuji apple class 1 and class 2 and Qinguan apple, do you need it?
If you need it please let me know and I will give you a best price.

An apple anyone?=P

Mebbe I m just easily amused, it really caused embarassed me in front of my french colleagues! *_*

Everything is moving really fast now for me. Hope that everything will be smooth! Will have to work really hard! yeah!