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lundi, janvier 03, 2005

I have Sinned...=(

Dear people,

I must admit that I have sinned. It must be the excessive watching of Sex and the City, like when in JC or something, or maybe it is the cold climate. Or maybe I am still growing?? haha.okok, I shall stop deceiving myself!!

Please please please forgive me for my sin!! I did not mean to do it. I promise I will not do it again. really!!!Please don't condemn me this time ok??

Ay? I haven mentioned my sin yet hor.

This is utterly embarrassing to confess, but... at least I have the courage to say it out!!

SO, I admit guilty to have single-handedly gobbled down 6 packs of Lays potato chips: 2 BBQ flavoured, 2 cheese flavoured, 2 bolognaise flavoured. AND 2 bars of kinder bueno!! over a short span of TWO days.

Speaking from someone who haven't indulged in such sins for a long long time, it is indeed horrifying! I vow NEVER to buy junk food ever again, to prevent such accidents!!!!!!!