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vendredi, janvier 07, 2005


Living in this present century, happiness seem to be far beyond reach. Especially with the Tsunami going on, deaths and everything depressing, happiness seem to be something impossible to have.

Even people with seemingly perfect lives are not able to be happy, what about the rest of us?

I have a friend who is very pessimistic, before the year starts, she would have already calculated the amount of Monday blues she is going to have for the year. Even though she is in a perfect relationship. I also have another friend,(actually my dearest cousin) who already made a count of the long weekends we will have in the year 2005!! For me, I prefer to look at the bright side. Nowadays, I will be happy when the temperature hits 10 degrees, when there is a glimpse of the sun, when I can find that eyeliner that is smudge free, or that pair of jeans which fits me!

When the people around started discussing about the Tsunami, I often find it hard to maintain the conversation. Well, all I can say is that I am sad that it happened. And I really wish to move on to another topic, but it might make me seem cold and unsympathetic. I asked a friend, how should I even respond in such a situation, when a random French colleague say to me 'The Tsunami was really terrible' or 'It is really a big catastrophe'.

My friend replied, 'Well, I am more interested in the ways I can help those who survived.' The perfect answer. To me at least. Yes, grieving for the dead is inevitable, but what is more important is to look forward.

They are dead, and you are alive. So alive. Live.

Xi1 fu2 is rare. How many people around can actually do that? You can hardly find anyone who doesn’t have any complaints about his/her life.

We will never treasure simple things like being able to see the bright shining sun everyday, unless if one day we lose our sight. So, why wait till a disaster, before we start to treasure things?

Hence, treasure yourself, treasure your family and friends, treasure everything around, before they are gone. This is what I must remind myself everyday.

Btw, pretty pls bear with the ugliness of my blog. Doing my best to revamp it to no avail! I think the previous site is way too pink!! I know I should be good in IT stuff, but hell, what kind of life do you lead when you are an IT-know-all?? I just know what I need to know! HA!

What a perfect excuse for my incompetence!