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mercredi, janvier 26, 2005

The fringe cutter

I have this weird thing about me.

Whenever I feel very frustated, I do stuff to myself.

Not really destructive stuff. it is more like: cutting my own hair, dyeing hair, painting french manicure, face mask..etc..

so, inspire by my this certain friend, Dollie, I decided to go for bangs! NOT because it is easier hor!! people who know me, should know that I cut good fringe! But I decide to have to change from my usual layered fringe to BANGS, isnt it fun?

okok, it is not exactly bangs, but I too kia kia (scaredy cat) to cut a thick and full fringe. heh

hmm.. now it doesnt look so nice liao, after I wash my hair.. *crossed fringers* Hope it will be nice tomorrow.
Else I will just layer it!