A Bimbo, Re-Defined

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vendredi, janvier 28, 2005

Do we, should we, hold on to our dream?

Do we, should we, hold on to our dream?

I believe, most of us have this dream image of how your other half will be like.

Guys might want someone like Snow white?? (I dunno!!) Someone gentle, beautiful, charming, never ever loses her temper, remains slim effortlessly, have nice long hair...etc

For girls, (this I know better), someone who is tall, handsome, muscular (NOT the body builder type, more of toned), intelligent, witty, has a good career, charming with good dress sense..etc.. (endless list!!!)

For me, when i was young, my ideal guy is:
1. tall
2. handsome, with a good bod, preferably atheletic
3. very well groomed -- clean and shaved, and smells good
4. good dress sense -- looks stylish in whatever he wears, of course his choice of clothings manners most!
5. loving and non-MCP : respects a girl, no matter whether she chooses to be a career woman or a house wife
6. cooks well!
7. intelligent
8. witty
9. has a great and successful career
10. rich to a certain extent - enough to not worry about money

Now, tell me, how many men on the streets can meet such expectations???

After my numerous encounters...speaking from the men I have dated..

When u get rich and career, you usually get not handsome, with flabs.

When u get intelligent and can cook well, you get not handsome, a tummy, and most possibly bad dress sense!!

Handsome + witty does not come with intelligence!! the list could go on and on.


so, when do you choose to drop that dream guy image, and go down to earth?

For me, I have done that long long ago. Simply because people around me keep pulling me down to reality, telling me to be realistic. Also, down-to-earth guys could sweep you off your feet, just like that! =) I did fall a couple of times head over heels..

My gal pals often envy the guys I go out with. It seem like they, have long shoved that dream guy image into the shelf and forgot about him, just like me. and looks are suddenly (of course!) not important anymore. neither is his career, or the amount of cash he has in his pocket. Flabs sometimes are even termed as cute.

To me, that dream image, will remain a dream image, for life..

until recently, I saw him. We met. he fulfils all my dream guy criterions. I was more than swept. What should I do?

I am lost. very lost.