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mardi, janvier 11, 2005

Being employed

Work is really stressful, as it is not going smoothly. I am getting headaches more and more often. Bad bad sign. Can't think much if I have a headache.

I often feel that if I use alot of my brains to think, I will get a headache because of overworking my poor brain. I wonder my theory is correct. Also, when I use alot of brain power, I will start to get one or 2 strains of white hair too! utterly horrid no?

Anyway, today, I got an email from this company who is offering me a job as a software engineer!! Ha ha. Alittle too late, don't you think? Why do jobs flow in after I accepted this job to come to France??

I am feeling sooo employable today! I remember after the exams and my mum started nagging. It was a horrible time. And the campus interview doesn't help AT ALL, to my morale, as I did not bother to apply for jobs. With a super optimistic plan to get myself hired during the campus interview, I had my morale dampened because there are just simply too many candidates at the interview. The interviewers were so overwhelmed by the sheer amount that they requested for submission of resumes only, no interviews will be carried out.

humpf. so much for campus interviews! So if you really want to be employed, do not ever place your hope high on campus interviews!!

Honestly, I am alittle hou huo(regret) for signing this current contract. After frantically signing the first exciting contract coming my way, I got other offers. Particularly the job offered by this highly successful VC I knew, when I was doing funny things in university year 2.

ARGH! I would love the job SOOOOO much!!! I absolutely LOVE business!


Anyway, I had dinner in my boss's house earlier. In fact for the past 2 sundays, he cooked for me. So paiseh! To date, he has cooked for me for 3 times already, and went for a movie and dinner out once.

I must figure out someway to cook something asian and delicious AND impressive!!!! Please help!!!

Meanwhile, these are the pictures I took at his place.

He is very interested in cultures, and bought this, during his trip to thailand:

LOL, I tried hard not to laugh, and of course it is NOT fruitful!!! Reminds me of a certain silly causcian singer who tattooed 'nu li', thinking that it means girl power. It is obviously clear to the rest of the chinese speaking world that it in fact, means nothing, and doesnt even sound right!

Nevermind about all these, the setting is romantic though, with lit candles. So unfortunately that the candles are all red, selected to match his lovely table lamps...

So, I kinda feel like I am having dinner on an altar! BUT to give him credit, the colour combi and the atmosphere are nice and all.

This is our starter for our first meal together!

Looks weird har. The cusine is really really weird, but it tastes quite nice. =)