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mardi, janvier 11, 2005

About lizards

Got home quite late yesterday, but the french people stayed even later! so, us sgreans went home first. Mainly because we have to. One of our colleagues got really drunk and was challenging another colleague (somewhat drunk) to more glasses of the delicious champagne served.

To say the truth, I can't really tell the difference between the good and bad champagne, nor can I tell the difference between good and bad wine. BUT a big improvement is that I started to learn to drink alcohol! This is coming from someone who used to drink $6 coke or fruit punches at nightspots. HUGE improvement indeed. AND I can now tell if the wine is smooth or not. HA! on my way to becoming a wine expert!

I realised that there is indeed a need to learn to drink wine (not really the vodka or bourbon kind), if I am working for a french company. They are a bunch of people who are damn proud of their culture, particularly wine and bread. It is apparently a MUST to have wine during meals, and important to mix the right wine for the right food. The good news is, we frequently get free wine served in our very own company cafeteria!!=P

Okok, back to the Lizards !

MY friend's pet lizard just died recently. (who on earth will keep a lizard as a pet!) The reason for its unfortunate death is quite unbelieveable.

Apparently, it was too thirsty that it drank too much water and bloated to death! Proving that lizards are intellectually challenged! My generous friend wanted to share the pictures with me, but I think I will rather not!

The one thing I am very afriad of is lizards, and from time to time I can't help wondering, how did the lizards manage to survive so long given its IQ level. From what I recall, lizards date back all the way to the prehistoric dinosaur period.


Even DODO birds are extinct. And from what I observe, lizards are still far from being extinct. Grrr..

Another story of yet another intellectually challenged lizard. Me and my sis (i think!) sat there and saw a lizard sprain its neck while tilting its head to follow the flight path of a mosquito flying pass. And it remained in that position, as it could not move, til it died! ridiculous huh.

One more story. Of yet another stupid lizzie. This one ran over a piece of double sided tape and could not move, til its dying day. Or rather.. roting day. so gruesome that when we discovered its rotting body!!!=(

The point is, I hate lizards.

And I like Ru Hua!! haha