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jeudi, janvier 20, 2005

33 Reasons why NOT to poste your pictures online

Its quite entertaining i think!

click here!

What did that guy do to deserve this?=P

This reminds me. Once, my school main comm posted the pictures of the beauty pageant contestants online for people to vote, or view.

Turns out, some idiot took the pictures and fixed their faces onto nude model! eeks! how gross.

For me and my friend, our pictures end up on some mildy pornish website that i do not wish to mention here. Was upset about it. well it is the past. Hence we are more careful to post pictures on the web.

However i still think it is fine to post small pictures, not the big high resolution ones. One can't do much with a small picture, so you can be sure you are safe!

SO, my point is.... cw, pls post some pictures leh!!!!!also, all of u reading, pls post pictures too!!