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mardi, décembre 14, 2004

A Yellow Sponge

Look who's here to haunt me.... Posted by Hello

For those who can't recognise him in the first picture.. This is definitely clearer huh!! I think I can recognise him even if he is 'reduced to ashes'. I can't believe my eyes when I saw him on TV this morning!! YES, he is here, in Paris to haunt me... Ok, as you can see, he is looking very determined, why? becos he wants to be a super hero. So he..... Posted by Hello

Play alot of badminton...(sorry for the blur picture)..AND..... Posted by Hello

He did alot of weights..... AND... Posted by Hello

He grew alot of muscles.. HAHAHA.. i nearly laughed my head of!!!!!

For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with him, he is in fact JUST A PIECE of yellow SPONGE!! what an oxymoron! A sponge (soft) with muscles(hard)!!!! That is not the end of the story!! Posted by Hello

Finally he went to space... AND I got angry with him because he made me late for work!!!!

I do not have a fetish for Spongebob squarepants. ........ I admit that I do find him amusing ok? Posted by Hello

Also.. I admit that the cartoon is in french, so I did not really understand everything. So i just convienently made up the above story myself. so if you happen to be the author of spongebob squarepants, please dun get angry with me ok?

And I might have accidentally rearranged the pictures to fit the story I came up with...