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lundi, décembre 27, 2004

Yahoo Auction

When someone asks me, what is your hobby? I will always roll my eyes. So old liao, still ask such a question that primary school kids fill into each other's autograph books!!

But suddenly I realise, I love shopping. Not only that I spend a considerable amount of time shopping on Yahoo! Auctions. I can't believe myself either. Sometimes, I can even sit there and click through like 5000+ bags or dresses! Amazing huh??

Anyway, I was searching for this certain levis jeans with diamond studs at the back, and look at what I've found!! There is this rather funny auction.

So happens that he placed Levis and Diamonds in this auction title! crap, talking about generalising single women! What the hell is he trying to sell? and how come single ladies only huh?? this sounds more like a get-to-know-girls session. And when I click on his own description, it reads like this:

Yahoo ID: axle6772
my e-mail axle6772@yahoo.com.sg very open minded person especially towards women, need a friend? do mail me

Trust MEN to come up with such ideas!