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jeudi, décembre 30, 2004

Yahoo Auction Part 2

HAHA, I always have lots to say about yahoo auctions!!

This time round, I came across this really really desperate tuition agency. OH man, money back guarantee? who is the right frame of mind will do that!

Meanwhile, the continuous steam of customers have kind of slowed down for my products. Hmm must think of something to counter that!

Out of Point but:
BTW, Jet Li was injured too. He was in Maldives I think. That guy can dodge bullets, fight with fire, etc.. But he is still human. That is why, we need the INCREDIBLES!! haha, I am mad about super heros nowadays.

How are you guys spending your new year's eve??? Me and my friends will be counting down with fireworks here in Paris, what about u? I know it sounds nice and romantic, but please bare in mind that it is freaking cold too.

Speaking of counting down, got posted this question by my female colleague (FC).
FC: so what do you have planned for new year's eve?
Me: Probably with my friends
FC: You know in NICE(another state in france) the older women will go walking into the sea at new year's eve.
Me: Oh I see, what about the younger women?
FC: Oh, I will be too drunk to do that
Me-> looks puzzled.
FC: Don't you get drunk on new year's eve? everybody gets drunk rite?

ERHM, apparently not. To those who just plan to get drunk, go ahead. Those who aren't, lets share how you are spending new year's eve! Happy new year to ALL=)