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vendredi, décembre 24, 2004

Xmas Special Part 2!

Have to go grocery shopping at Carrefour today, as supplies are running out.

So on the way the supermarket, I saw this poster.

I particularly liked this poster too! the lady and the deer embacing each other for christmas!! Posted by Hello

Although its christmas, there are also alot of homeless people spending their winter in the metros. Posted by Hello

Another homeless person..It is quite a common sight in Paris, and the government actually arranged warm places for them to stay, inclusive of transport to collect these people to the places! Speaking of a welfare state. Posted by Hello

As expected carrefour is mega crowded with people doing last minute shopping, but SINCE I have just gotten my paper accepted, I bought smoke salmon and carbonara sauce to treat myself!!

Real christmas tree for sale at carrefour!!I LOVE the festive mood! Posted by Hello

Will be going to see christmas lightnings tomorrow!! =)