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mardi, décembre 21, 2004

**Xmas special: Merry Christmas To ALL!!!!!!!!!

With the snowing this morning, suddenly, it hit me. Christmas is HERE!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how come I realised this fact so late, while everyone around me is talking about it!

SO as a nice and sweet person, I shall make an XMAS special for ALL my beloved friends!!!=)Ho!Ho!Ho!!!!

So back to this morning, AS USUAL, I am kinda late for work, so as I was hurrying alot, I saw white frosting on the ground and on the roadside plants as well. Hmm, I thought to myself, it must have be a cold cold night. By the time I go down from the bus, it was drizzling. It is already so freezing and YET it has to rain, I thought to myself. Hurrily, I took out my umbrella. Suddenly, I realised, the little droplets of rain started to float, like a feather doing fall free. SNOW!!! I took out my camera and got this:

Snow on my way to work..This doesn't often snow in paris, as it is either too cold or too warm to snow. Posted by Hello

I took this one with flash, as u can see the white spots are the tiny specks of snow!=) I feel like a suan ku(mountain turtle), cos no one else is making a fuss of the snow. *_*

This is the same scene without flash, but you cant see the snow flakes though. Posted by Hello

Speaking of a white christmas, Can you all believe it that I have become fairer!!??!! I can't believe it either, but it is definitely happening. GULPS! I wonder how will I look like, if I am fair. This, I never knew.

Fellow Hung Fans should be glad!!haha.. William hung is here to stay!

OMG!! william hung is not dead!!! listen to his new album here

Click it now, so you have his lovely voice to soothe your ear drums. well, well, arent you glad that you can sing better than him?? haha, my personal favourite is Rudolph the red nose raindeer...  Posted by Hello

I hope everyone has been good, cos Santa is working out, so that he can deliver more present this year! Posted by Hello

more pictures on the way..