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jeudi, décembre 16, 2004

Why women rule!

It is a good read!!

This article is taken from Fortune website. And I totally concur!! Women are cut out for business, but sadly not all though! Especially not some bimbos I've met.haha

I for one, loves to do business. How nice will it be if I can quit my current job and just do business in my own time own target! Only then, will work become play! Yup, I look forward to that day!!!

Meanwhile, I have to still work hard!JIAYOU everyone!

The following extract got me pondering..
Once launched, why are women's businesses growing faster than men's? Ask a dozen female entrepreneurs, and you'll get 12 theories. "I think women have a natural advantage in tough economic times such as we've seen in the past two or three years," says Margaret Smith. "We're tenacious." A lawyer, Smith, 58, ditched her practice eight years ago and bought a kitchen-accessories and housewares store called Domus Contempo in Los Gatos, Calif. She has since added two more stores, in Pleasanton and Palo Alto. Before that, Smith had put herself through college and law school at night while working full-time and raising two sons as a single mom. So what's a little recession now and then?

Thomas J. Stanley, author of a new book called Millionaire Women Next Door: The Many Journeys of Successful American Businesswomen, thinks Smith has a point. Having studied 1,165 self-made female millionaires over a three-year span, he says, "Their defining characteristic is perseverance. Women have had to work harder than men. They're also more goal-oriented, more fastidious budgeters, and more frugal."

Read the whole article here!