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mardi, décembre 07, 2004


I went to a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE soccer match tonight!! Guys, envy me!! HAHAHA..*evil laughter*

This match is the paris team vs the moscow team, so it is quite exciting, because if Paris draws or wins, it will get into UEFA. Else, Moscow is in! So it should be quite interesting to watch!

As I walked in.. I saw lots and lots of riot police. Kinda scary. i guessed it, as IF Paris loses, I think it will be a big mess! As almost the whole stadium is filled with parisan fans. Parisan outnumbered the opposing fans by 1000 to 1, I estimate.

Anyway, for your viewing benefits, I took a picture of the police.HAHA. I pretended to want to take a picture of the queue and snapped them!! Well the FLASH did not help me at all! the policemen were staring at me after that, so lets go, QUICK!!

The bright lights are the reflective thingies on the policemen's uniforms. They look so mystified why I am taking pictures of them..HAHA. Posted by Hello

Sophiscated anti riot cars, they have water spray too! Posted by Hello

Warming up, the crowd looks on as the team warms up. Almost everyone was early for the match just to watch the warming up session! Posted by Hello

An overview of the field, NICE! HA! this is the first time I watch soccer in a field that doesnt have a running track around it! Posted by Hello

The away team. Posted by Hello

The atmosphere is SPLENDID!! As they read the starting line up of the away team, ALL the people were cursing after each name! Let me teach you how. Say 'OH-Q-LAY', which means mother fucker is french. Posted by Hello

The start of the match! The fans actually brought fireworks like sparkers! NICE! Posted by Hello

After Moscow scored the first goal, and PSG scored an equalizer, the PSG lines men were making faces at the Moscow fans. AND so, they kenna!! the moscow fans threw the hugh sparklers down at the linesmen. Quite scary!! Posted by Hello
PSG was playing sooo badly that I was secretly supporting Moscow. AND when the Moscow team scored the first spectacular goal.. I could not help myself and I jumped up. Suddenly I felt alot of eyes on me.. GULPS... I changed my expression to a cursing one. Let me teach u how to say.. 'wah lau' in French. Its funny. Its goes like ' Oh la la, la la' HAHAHA.. the commentators say that soo often and it sounds hilarous!

A turn of tide happened at the 40th min of the second half, where PSG is lagging 3-1. Alot of people were so disappointed that they left. AND the home crowd starting boo-ing their team. EACH and EVERY pass, there is a lot 'BOO'. Easy enuff, I follow suit! HAHA. PSG did play badly, really badly.

After the match, there are fans shouting and swearing outside, demanding the coach and the manager to quite. We make our exit FAST!