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jeudi, décembre 30, 2004

Of Bashes..

Just read my friend's blog, got to know that this year, BMTC has celebrated their anni with a BASH at china black. OMG, a BMTC bash! *think a bash full of smelly, desperate army guys with black thick framed nerd specs*

But the army is not stupid either. They are smart enough to hold the bash on a LADIES' nite! so that their deprived NSF men could have a time of their life, gawking and salivating at the ladies, oh grinding too. A refreshing change from their lifestyle in the army.

My friend who claimed that he is not a clubbing was present at the bash too. AND to my surprise, he actually tried his hand at picking up girls. Alcohol really works huh!

AS MUCH AS he claims he is not picking up girls, I shall let you people judge! BY saying 'HI' to ladies you dun know, does that mean that:

1. You are just being polite
2. You wanna pick her up.

The obvious answer is the latter, no? of course my dear friend still insists that he is just being polite.*faints* Ok, I shall forgive him for insisting, on the fact that he is a scholar and therefore has to be politically correct! haha

hey guys, dun make lame excuses when you wanna get to know ladies lar. Girls could sense it right from the start, can't we? =P
And by using lame attempts, just reminds me of this

(Please do not come and knock my head, subject-of-discussion. I already said I will patronise you when you ever say HI to me liao hor!!)