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mercredi, décembre 29, 2004


Ok, I do have alot of update about, but what I wanna update today is one a close friend from LOTS.

IF you are wondering what LOTS means... it means.. Left On The S****. Not a pretty phrase.

There is nothing wrong wrong with this friend of mine. He is good looking, hunky and everything. But now, at an old ripe age of like.. mid 20s, he belongs to the never-been-kissed category!

Shocking you would think, not really, as I vaguely remember Straits Times doing a report on this, featuring (of course!) our dearest SDU. SDU=Social Development Unit, or many others prefer 'Single Desperate Ugly(Unwanted)'.

Mind if I digress about SDU? Got a phone call from my mum haha. She asked: 'Ay, SDU sent a letter to you leh. How? You want to be member or not?' Isnt my mum cute? A letter from SDU also render an expensive phone call from Singapore! And our DEAR SDU just conveniently assumes that uni graduates are all unwanted, how considerate and kind!bleah.

Ok, back to my friend. you know how so guys like to take their own sweet time? yup, thats him. And when the girl likes him, he doesnt take action. AND when he takes action, the girl has already lost interest, or being snatched up by the next better player.

So, his family members got anxious. How can a hunky boy like him not be attached? Oh, I forgot to mention that he won a certain Manhunt competition too, did I? And so, they started to introduce girls to him, the email was hilarious!! Warning my friend to 'Be nice and gentle with your mail. ' ERHM, how rough and desperate can an email sound, really. Relatives are really an unbelieveable bunch, no?

In case you are wondering, YES, I am officially a member of SDU (cos I did not send the rejection letter.) Oh, also, if you are interested in getting to know the subject in discussion, dun hestitate to drop me a mail! :P