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vendredi, décembre 24, 2004

It*s a beautiful day!!~~

For the benefit for my special someone, I shall repeat the language of love here!haha..

Apparently, there are 5 languages. For me.. I want everything!My ranking is as shown below: 4.time,5.physical touch, 1.act of service, 3.gifts, 1. Words of encouragement!
so, that particular person who should take note, MUST take note!

Today is a beautiful day, as it is nice and warm. well, 10°c as to -3°c earlier on. Also! The days are starting to get longer!! Yippy! Nowadays where the sky gets dark at ard 4pm, it is kind of depressing. Whenever I leave the office, it will be like all dark, giving me the feeling that I have worked alot, (which in fact I did not!) HA!

I love the sun!I love the blue sky!So, starting from yesterday(i think), the days are getting longer again, and perhaps the sun is going to shine soon! The sun to me, signifies positivity and hope.

or maybe, I just like all shiny things. There is a mysterious draw to other shiny objects like.. diamonds, glitter, silver/platinum, stars..etc.. Is that true for all girls??

Am going to see the christmas lightings tonight! it was too cold for me to walk around earlier. will update the photos! meanwhile enjoy your christmas everybody!