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dimanche, décembre 19, 2004

Getting Married..

I think one of my bestest friend is getting married. It came as such a shock, but at the same time, I am really happy for her! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

I wanna get married sooo much. BUT to do that, we need:

To settle down:
we need:
-$40k (20% of the 200k which is the down payment of my mum's shop)
-4k (20% of a 20k car)
-200k for downpayment of house
-40k for wedding, no honeymoon
-50k for renovation
-2.2k for my bags! HAHHA

As discussed earlier. It is my dream to buy my mum her very own shop house. as it is her dream too. only then can my dad stop working so hard, away from us. And both of them can work together in their own shop!

Sometimes I wonder and ponder if I am a commitment phobic. Sometimes I think of wedding and think of all the sweet and sugary things that comes along with it. On the other hand, I love being free and going out with friends, including men. So will being marriage prevent me to do so?Can I really settle down with one man all my life? What about those really really cute and intelligent guys out there? and with this, I freak out about marriage. how do i know he is the one for me? etc... I went out with my french boss yesterday. and I realized how much I missed just plain dating.. not that I am attracted to him or anything, though he is soo cute, BUT he smokes, so end of story.

And when I come home, I see the special someone. I wanna get married again!! HA! I guess it is what you value more. Dating sure is fun, but starting a family, a dream.. is fun too!! and I want that. YES, I definitely do want that all my life. Well, back to working hard for it!!

Yes, I am very very jealous for my xin fu friend.