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samedi, décembre 11, 2004


Anyway, I have not yet concluded by Normandie trip earlier yet, this belated post is the case of a severe procrastination! Of course there is a reason for posting this separated from the earlier post, as it is WAY out of point.

Here, I shall assume all girls who are attached before, have one way or another received some presents from their other half. Whenever I discuss about the topic of the horrid gifts that men chose to give their girlfriends, I always will get nods from the ladies around. WHAT IS UP WITH THE MEN?? Which is why I now request that I choose my own presents! HA! Here, I shall illustrate a perfect example.

Can you imagine how small the world is? The boyfriend of my ex-classmate is actually here in Paris with me! So the 8 of us went to the Normandie trips together. With regards to who this unfortunate girl is, you are wondering…. HAHA... She is the chairperson of my class. She was quite tom-boyish when she was in secondary school, and she transformed overnight into a SWEET SWEET girl in JC.

How sweet u ask? As sweet as COKE! Do you know that if you put a tooth in a cup of coke, it will just melt? Yup, she is sooo sweet now that she gives me a tooth decay everytime I see her tucking her fizzy hair behind her ears, dangling with sweet shu nu (the off-beat type) earrings, and looking up at you with her head slightly tilted downwards and her oh-so-innocent eyes will be looking up dreamily into your eyes. HELP! Toothache. OKOK, I digressed.

BTW, ‘orbit’ is actually spelt ‘off-beat’, as educated by the movie ‘I-NOT-STUPID’. HA!

Ok, back to the story. I was excitedly helping her bf choose birthday present for her. But WELL, out of the many nice and classy things, he has to choose this!

The double dolphin necklace Posted by Hello

WHAT THE? I think you all know the reason why.
If not, guess!
YES! You got this right! Because she likes DOLPHINS!! EEWWWW.. EEEEKS!

And all the guys crowds around her bf and agreed readily that it is indeed a very nice piece, so I shut my mouth. But I borrowed it from him, so you have the luxury of laughing at my unfortunate friend, who is going to receive this all the way from Paris, when she could jolly well buy it in a local Pasar Malam!

Did I forget to mention that my female friend in subject is off-beat?? WHY oh WHY is there is relation between off-beat shu nus and DOLPHINS??? This reminds me of this certain girl, from my ex class, who nicknamed herself DOLPHIN..hAHAHA.. and yup, that is another off-beat shu nu! Oh, btw, she is already 16 by then, so you can’t give an excuse because she is young and stupid. EVEN now, I highly suspect she wun mind the nickname dolphin. ( I can still show you what she wrote in my autograph book!)

Yes, so my advice is... if you want to be a shu nu, you MUST start associating yourself with dolphins ok?

Disclaimer:BTW, I do think that it is sweet that the bf thinks of his gf and buys her things. The gesture is sweet, but the necklace is not, that's all!