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dimanche, décembre 19, 2004

Current Affairs..

Being here, so far from home, I decided to keep up with current affairs. Everyone knows it is all important to read up and be aware of current affairs right??

SO,I read up on STAR AWARDS!!
Oh, I am soo cited!!! Zoe did not make it in the top 10!! well, and mediacorp had to soothe her ego by creating a new category for her! See here!!

HAHAHA!! this also means that it is time to upgrade her to act motherly characters like.. mie jue shi ta..etc.HAHA.

Oh, 2 unlucky artistes are also placed in the antique shop together with Zoe. They are Li NanXing and ChewChor Meng(sadly). haha..to think that my friend was so excited to sit beside Nanxing!! Ay, Wait, where is Huang Wenyong??