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vendredi, décembre 31, 2004

Christmas on hindsight

Oh, I think I havent mention how I spent my christmas did I? This blog is kinda belated, sorry about it!
For Christmas eve, we decided to try our xmas luck and bought…..

LOTO!! 10 million is the cash prize. In EUROS, mind you. I invested 1 euro, which means I get to win 1 million if we did win! haha.. well just buying a dream. Seriously, I think I will stop working if I do win.

(dun ask me if I did win… if I actually did, I wun be working already, right?=P)

Christmas in Paris is a family affair. Hence, Paris is unexceptionally quiet during Christmas.

Hence, we planned a Christmas feast together to celebrate Christmas on our own! On the menu is: Roast chicken, chilli sotong, escagots, curry vegetables. Sounds nice? =)

After the feast, we watched a movie: 40 days 40 nights.

The thing I wanna complain is about GUYS! So at the end of the meal, those who did not participate in cooking have to wash up. So fine, I went to wash up. However there are like THREE more other guys who are supposed to wash up, who did not! After that one of them came and help out. THEN the one of the balonglong guys (those who were supposed to wash up, but did not) took out his camera and took pictures of me and the other guy washing up! GRRRR.. and they were threatening that guy that they will send the pictures to his gf ! not to mention that his gf is the very very possessive and jealous type.


I am very pissed off by what they were doing. EEEks! First you did not help out, THEN you do unconstructive things. Why are some guys like that????

WHY on earth did I get myself stuck in Paris with EIGHT randomly chosen assorted monsters?? =(

A guest came and joined us for dinner too. She is a friend of one of the guys. And also a friend of the girlfriend of another. I am usually very excited to meet Singaporean women, as I miss girl talk SOOO much!!

SO, back to the washing up (HA, this shows how much I hate washing up!).

When there are piles and piles of dishes to wash, this girl actually CHOSE to scrub the stove instead! Mind you that we have already wiped the stove clean. She just declared that the stove was too dirty, and ‘I can’t stand it’ she said.

Seriously, I can NEVER understand the mentality of such people.

Imagine the scenario:
when you have a huge cut on your leg, and you are bleeding profusely. BUT the doctor proceeds to, erhmm.. , squeeze your pimple instead??

Okay, it might not be the same, but you get the point, don’t you?

A group of people with xmas hats walked around playing xmas songs on their saxaphone! SUPERB! I only managed to catch a glimpse on my camera.