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samedi, décembre 25, 2004

Christmas Lighting in Paris

Work ended early today, so we decided to go christmas lightings before going back.=) We stopped at one of the theme metros stations, the one that leads to Lourve Musee.

Wow! the metro station is also decorated by the artifacts, very classy looking! Posted by Hello

The xmas lightings are not as fantastic as the ones we have back at home. Probably because christmas here, is a family's affair, so most of the people are back at home with their family. Nevertheless, enjoy the pictures. Posted by Hello

Along rue Rivoli. Posted by Hello

Then suddenly i saw BATA!! So exciting. Unlike the ones in Singapore, the ones is Paris are rather classy, and very chic looking. Unbelieveable right?

 Posted by Hello

Hotel de Ville. There seem to be merry-go-rounds around Paris. Posted by Hello

An outdoor iceskating ring. Quite fun! Posted by Hello

A close up of hotel de ville Posted by Hello

Along the all famous Champs Elysee. Rather disappointing though.  Posted by Hello


It is just me having cheap trill taking pictures with the christmas trees with fake snow! Posted by Hello