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jeudi, décembre 23, 2004


Please, everybody, be happy for me!!!


I am sooo happy that I am trembling mildly. It is a research paper done by me on my fyp, completed with blood shed and lotsa sweat! I cant believe it. and PDAS is really THE conference, as it combines the efforts from the most prestiguous organisations! including IEEE of course!=)

Ok, the paper was reviewed by 3 different groups. 1 group gave a weak accept, 1 group gave a weak reject, and another group absolutely loved it! HA! but lots more research work coming along!It is really not easy. BUT what the heck, I will do it! This also means that I get FREE tickets to attend the conference! airfare and hotel, I think! though i m not sure where, either in US or europe.YAy!!!

This is THE DAY of the century!!haha.. I am one step nearer to becoming a poly lecturer. YES, that is my goal. To retire from the industry and to be a lecturer. But since I am not interested in studying my PHD, and I do not like the pressure of publishing, so yup, poly is the perfect choice for me!!

It is funny talking about retiring, since I am in the industry for around 3 months now. =P Retiring will comes around 40, or as and when I dun feel like working anymore!=)

I LOVE EVERYBODY TODAY!! *HUGS and KISSES everyone!!* YES! ,EVERYONE!! even osama and george bush get hugs too!!*MUAKS!*