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vendredi, décembre 31, 2004


Remember that I went to Carrefour earlier on? I bought this exciting box of cereals!!!

Christmas on hindsight

Oh, I think I havent mention how I spent my christmas did I? This blog is kinda belated, sorry about it!
For Christmas eve, we decided to try our xmas luck and bought…..

LOTO!! 10 million is the cash prize. In EUROS, mind you. I invested 1 euro, which means I get to win 1 million if we did win! haha.. well just buying a dream. Seriously, I think I will stop working if I do win.

(dun ask me if I did win… if I actually did, I wun be working already, right?=P)

Christmas in Paris is a family affair. Hence, Paris is unexceptionally quiet during Christmas.

Hence, we planned a Christmas feast together to celebrate Christmas on our own! On the menu is: Roast chicken, chilli sotong, escagots, curry vegetables. Sounds nice? =)

After the feast, we watched a movie: 40 days 40 nights.

The thing I wanna complain is about GUYS! So at the end of the meal, those who did not participate in cooking have to wash up. So fine, I went to wash up. However there are like THREE more other guys who are supposed to wash up, who did not! After that one of them came and help out. THEN the one of the balonglong guys (those who were supposed to wash up, but did not) took out his camera and took pictures of me and the other guy washing up! GRRRR.. and they were threatening that guy that they will send the pictures to his gf ! not to mention that his gf is the very very possessive and jealous type.


I am very pissed off by what they were doing. EEEks! First you did not help out, THEN you do unconstructive things. Why are some guys like that????

WHY on earth did I get myself stuck in Paris with EIGHT randomly chosen assorted monsters?? =(

A guest came and joined us for dinner too. She is a friend of one of the guys. And also a friend of the girlfriend of another. I am usually very excited to meet Singaporean women, as I miss girl talk SOOO much!!

SO, back to the washing up (HA, this shows how much I hate washing up!).

When there are piles and piles of dishes to wash, this girl actually CHOSE to scrub the stove instead! Mind you that we have already wiped the stove clean. She just declared that the stove was too dirty, and ‘I can’t stand it’ she said.

Seriously, I can NEVER understand the mentality of such people.

Imagine the scenario:
when you have a huge cut on your leg, and you are bleeding profusely. BUT the doctor proceeds to, erhmm.. , squeeze your pimple instead??

Okay, it might not be the same, but you get the point, don’t you?

A group of people with xmas hats walked around playing xmas songs on their saxaphone! SUPERB! I only managed to catch a glimpse on my camera.

jeudi, décembre 30, 2004

Yahoo Auction Part 2

HAHA, I always have lots to say about yahoo auctions!!

This time round, I came across this really really desperate tuition agency. OH man, money back guarantee? who is the right frame of mind will do that!

Meanwhile, the continuous steam of customers have kind of slowed down for my products. Hmm must think of something to counter that!

Out of Point but:
BTW, Jet Li was injured too. He was in Maldives I think. That guy can dodge bullets, fight with fire, etc.. But he is still human. That is why, we need the INCREDIBLES!! haha, I am mad about super heros nowadays.

How are you guys spending your new year's eve??? Me and my friends will be counting down with fireworks here in Paris, what about u? I know it sounds nice and romantic, but please bare in mind that it is freaking cold too.

Speaking of counting down, got posted this question by my female colleague (FC).
FC: so what do you have planned for new year's eve?
Me: Probably with my friends
FC: You know in NICE(another state in france) the older women will go walking into the sea at new year's eve.
Me: Oh I see, what about the younger women?
FC: Oh, I will be too drunk to do that
Me-> looks puzzled.
FC: Don't you get drunk on new year's eve? everybody gets drunk rite?

ERHM, apparently not. To those who just plan to get drunk, go ahead. Those who aren't, lets share how you are spending new year's eve! Happy new year to ALL=)

Of Bashes..

Just read my friend's blog, got to know that this year, BMTC has celebrated their anni with a BASH at china black. OMG, a BMTC bash! *think a bash full of smelly, desperate army guys with black thick framed nerd specs*

But the army is not stupid either. They are smart enough to hold the bash on a LADIES' nite! so that their deprived NSF men could have a time of their life, gawking and salivating at the ladies, oh grinding too. A refreshing change from their lifestyle in the army.

My friend who claimed that he is not a clubbing was present at the bash too. AND to my surprise, he actually tried his hand at picking up girls. Alcohol really works huh!

AS MUCH AS he claims he is not picking up girls, I shall let you people judge! BY saying 'HI' to ladies you dun know, does that mean that:

1. You are just being polite
2. You wanna pick her up.

The obvious answer is the latter, no? of course my dear friend still insists that he is just being polite.*faints* Ok, I shall forgive him for insisting, on the fact that he is a scholar and therefore has to be politically correct! haha

hey guys, dun make lame excuses when you wanna get to know ladies lar. Girls could sense it right from the start, can't we? =P
And by using lame attempts, just reminds me of this

(Please do not come and knock my head, subject-of-discussion. I already said I will patronise you when you ever say HI to me liao hor!!)

mercredi, décembre 29, 2004

Guest Blogger: Xiao Ke

Ok, due to my increasing popularity, my best friend made a banner for me, so now you can link me up! Simply copy the following code into your Blog Template! =)
<a href="http://janinamania.blogspot.com" ><img src="http://www.geocities.com/mydiyparadise/xk.jpg"></a>

Thanks everyone!!

*hops away to nibble off more of those yummy plants*


Ok, I do have alot of update about, but what I wanna update today is one a close friend from LOTS.

IF you are wondering what LOTS means... it means.. Left On The S****. Not a pretty phrase.

There is nothing wrong wrong with this friend of mine. He is good looking, hunky and everything. But now, at an old ripe age of like.. mid 20s, he belongs to the never-been-kissed category!

Shocking you would think, not really, as I vaguely remember Straits Times doing a report on this, featuring (of course!) our dearest SDU. SDU=Social Development Unit, or many others prefer 'Single Desperate Ugly(Unwanted)'.

Mind if I digress about SDU? Got a phone call from my mum haha. She asked: 'Ay, SDU sent a letter to you leh. How? You want to be member or not?' Isnt my mum cute? A letter from SDU also render an expensive phone call from Singapore! And our DEAR SDU just conveniently assumes that uni graduates are all unwanted, how considerate and kind!bleah.

Ok, back to my friend. you know how so guys like to take their own sweet time? yup, thats him. And when the girl likes him, he doesnt take action. AND when he takes action, the girl has already lost interest, or being snatched up by the next better player.

So, his family members got anxious. How can a hunky boy like him not be attached? Oh, I forgot to mention that he won a certain Manhunt competition too, did I? And so, they started to introduce girls to him, the email was hilarious!! Warning my friend to 'Be nice and gentle with your mail. ' ERHM, how rough and desperate can an email sound, really. Relatives are really an unbelieveable bunch, no?

In case you are wondering, YES, I am officially a member of SDU (cos I did not send the rejection letter.) Oh, also, if you are interested in getting to know the subject in discussion, dun hestitate to drop me a mail! :P

lundi, décembre 27, 2004

Yahoo Auction

When someone asks me, what is your hobby? I will always roll my eyes. So old liao, still ask such a question that primary school kids fill into each other's autograph books!!

But suddenly I realise, I love shopping. Not only that I spend a considerable amount of time shopping on Yahoo! Auctions. I can't believe myself either. Sometimes, I can even sit there and click through like 5000+ bags or dresses! Amazing huh??

Anyway, I was searching for this certain levis jeans with diamond studs at the back, and look at what I've found!! There is this rather funny auction.

So happens that he placed Levis and Diamonds in this auction title! crap, talking about generalising single women! What the hell is he trying to sell? and how come single ladies only huh?? this sounds more like a get-to-know-girls session. And when I click on his own description, it reads like this:

Yahoo ID: axle6772
my e-mail axle6772@yahoo.com.sg very open minded person especially towards women, need a friend? do mail me

Trust MEN to come up with such ideas!

Guest Blogger: Xiaoke

As my best friend has gone to Paris, WITHOUT ME!! I have to migrate to another loving home. Well, a rabbit's gotta do, what a rabbit's gotta do. I have to move on. Who needs her when I can make NEW friends!humpf!

Here are my adventures. Of course the comments are not written by me, silly!


A HUGE earthquake in Asia, killing lotsa people.

I have gotten SMSes from my french friends enquiring about my family and Singapore. Is everyone back there ok?

I guess, Singapore is lucky to be placed sheltered from the storm. With Sumatra. So there should be no problem.

I remembered that Singapore and Thailand were competing for rich people to buy their beach side houses. So, congralutions for those who chose Sentosa! You are smart indeed!=)

samedi, décembre 25, 2004

Introducing Guest Blogger, xiao ke. Xiao ke is a mini lop, male, 2 yrs old. He shall be blogging on my behalf when I am too busy. Stay tuned!! Posted by Hello

Christmas Lighting in Paris

Work ended early today, so we decided to go christmas lightings before going back.=) We stopped at one of the theme metros stations, the one that leads to Lourve Musee.

Wow! the metro station is also decorated by the artifacts, very classy looking! Posted by Hello

The xmas lightings are not as fantastic as the ones we have back at home. Probably because christmas here, is a family's affair, so most of the people are back at home with their family. Nevertheless, enjoy the pictures. Posted by Hello

Along rue Rivoli. Posted by Hello

Then suddenly i saw BATA!! So exciting. Unlike the ones in Singapore, the ones is Paris are rather classy, and very chic looking. Unbelieveable right?

 Posted by Hello

Hotel de Ville. There seem to be merry-go-rounds around Paris. Posted by Hello

An outdoor iceskating ring. Quite fun! Posted by Hello

A close up of hotel de ville Posted by Hello

Along the all famous Champs Elysee. Rather disappointing though.  Posted by Hello


It is just me having cheap trill taking pictures with the christmas trees with fake snow! Posted by Hello

vendredi, décembre 24, 2004

It*s a beautiful day!!~~

For the benefit for my special someone, I shall repeat the language of love here!haha..

Apparently, there are 5 languages. For me.. I want everything!My ranking is as shown below: 4.time,5.physical touch, 1.act of service, 3.gifts, 1. Words of encouragement!
so, that particular person who should take note, MUST take note!

Today is a beautiful day, as it is nice and warm. well, 10°c as to -3°c earlier on. Also! The days are starting to get longer!! Yippy! Nowadays where the sky gets dark at ard 4pm, it is kind of depressing. Whenever I leave the office, it will be like all dark, giving me the feeling that I have worked alot, (which in fact I did not!) HA!

I love the sun!I love the blue sky!So, starting from yesterday(i think), the days are getting longer again, and perhaps the sun is going to shine soon! The sun to me, signifies positivity and hope.

or maybe, I just like all shiny things. There is a mysterious draw to other shiny objects like.. diamonds, glitter, silver/platinum, stars..etc.. Is that true for all girls??

Am going to see the christmas lightings tonight! it was too cold for me to walk around earlier. will update the photos! meanwhile enjoy your christmas everybody!

Xmas Special Part 2!

Have to go grocery shopping at Carrefour today, as supplies are running out.

So on the way the supermarket, I saw this poster.

I particularly liked this poster too! the lady and the deer embacing each other for christmas!! Posted by Hello

Although its christmas, there are also alot of homeless people spending their winter in the metros. Posted by Hello

Another homeless person..It is quite a common sight in Paris, and the government actually arranged warm places for them to stay, inclusive of transport to collect these people to the places! Speaking of a welfare state. Posted by Hello

As expected carrefour is mega crowded with people doing last minute shopping, but SINCE I have just gotten my paper accepted, I bought smoke salmon and carbonara sauce to treat myself!!

Real christmas tree for sale at carrefour!!I LOVE the festive mood! Posted by Hello

Will be going to see christmas lightnings tomorrow!! =)

jeudi, décembre 23, 2004


Please, everybody, be happy for me!!!


I am sooo happy that I am trembling mildly. It is a research paper done by me on my fyp, completed with blood shed and lotsa sweat! I cant believe it. and PDAS is really THE conference, as it combines the efforts from the most prestiguous organisations! including IEEE of course!=)

Ok, the paper was reviewed by 3 different groups. 1 group gave a weak accept, 1 group gave a weak reject, and another group absolutely loved it! HA! but lots more research work coming along!It is really not easy. BUT what the heck, I will do it! This also means that I get FREE tickets to attend the conference! airfare and hotel, I think! though i m not sure where, either in US or europe.YAy!!!

This is THE DAY of the century!!haha.. I am one step nearer to becoming a poly lecturer. YES, that is my goal. To retire from the industry and to be a lecturer. But since I am not interested in studying my PHD, and I do not like the pressure of publishing, so yup, poly is the perfect choice for me!!

It is funny talking about retiring, since I am in the industry for around 3 months now. =P Retiring will comes around 40, or as and when I dun feel like working anymore!=)

I LOVE EVERYBODY TODAY!! *HUGS and KISSES everyone!!* YES! ,EVERYONE!! even osama and george bush get hugs too!!*MUAKS!*

mercredi, décembre 22, 2004


This is an interesting read for me, as blogging for me now is my main channel of finding out what my friends are doing, and at the same time update them on what I am doing. Read this if you have some time, plus an ounce of curiosity!ha.

Also, on the news, this fellow Singaporean blogger died today. Her blog still lives on ans inspire others. Din mean to be so grey today.

mardi, décembre 21, 2004

**Xmas special: Merry Christmas To ALL!!!!!!!!!

With the snowing this morning, suddenly, it hit me. Christmas is HERE!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how come I realised this fact so late, while everyone around me is talking about it!

SO as a nice and sweet person, I shall make an XMAS special for ALL my beloved friends!!!=)Ho!Ho!Ho!!!!

So back to this morning, AS USUAL, I am kinda late for work, so as I was hurrying alot, I saw white frosting on the ground and on the roadside plants as well. Hmm, I thought to myself, it must have be a cold cold night. By the time I go down from the bus, it was drizzling. It is already so freezing and YET it has to rain, I thought to myself. Hurrily, I took out my umbrella. Suddenly, I realised, the little droplets of rain started to float, like a feather doing fall free. SNOW!!! I took out my camera and got this:

Snow on my way to work..This doesn't often snow in paris, as it is either too cold or too warm to snow. Posted by Hello

I took this one with flash, as u can see the white spots are the tiny specks of snow!=) I feel like a suan ku(mountain turtle), cos no one else is making a fuss of the snow. *_*

This is the same scene without flash, but you cant see the snow flakes though. Posted by Hello

Speaking of a white christmas, Can you all believe it that I have become fairer!!??!! I can't believe it either, but it is definitely happening. GULPS! I wonder how will I look like, if I am fair. This, I never knew.

Fellow Hung Fans should be glad!!haha.. William hung is here to stay!

OMG!! william hung is not dead!!! listen to his new album here

Click it now, so you have his lovely voice to soothe your ear drums. well, well, arent you glad that you can sing better than him?? haha, my personal favourite is Rudolph the red nose raindeer...  Posted by Hello

I hope everyone has been good, cos Santa is working out, so that he can deliver more present this year! Posted by Hello

more pictures on the way..

dimanche, décembre 19, 2004

Current Affairs..

Being here, so far from home, I decided to keep up with current affairs. Everyone knows it is all important to read up and be aware of current affairs right??

SO,I read up on STAR AWARDS!!
Oh, I am soo cited!!! Zoe did not make it in the top 10!! well, and mediacorp had to soothe her ego by creating a new category for her! See here!!

HAHAHA!! this also means that it is time to upgrade her to act motherly characters like.. mie jue shi ta..etc.HAHA.

Oh, 2 unlucky artistes are also placed in the antique shop together with Zoe. They are Li NanXing and ChewChor Meng(sadly). haha..to think that my friend was so excited to sit beside Nanxing!! Ay, Wait, where is Huang Wenyong??

Getting Married..

I think one of my bestest friend is getting married. It came as such a shock, but at the same time, I am really happy for her! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

I wanna get married sooo much. BUT to do that, we need:

To settle down:
we need:
-$40k (20% of the 200k which is the down payment of my mum's shop)
-4k (20% of a 20k car)
-200k for downpayment of house
-40k for wedding, no honeymoon
-50k for renovation
-2.2k for my bags! HAHHA

As discussed earlier. It is my dream to buy my mum her very own shop house. as it is her dream too. only then can my dad stop working so hard, away from us. And both of them can work together in their own shop!

Sometimes I wonder and ponder if I am a commitment phobic. Sometimes I think of wedding and think of all the sweet and sugary things that comes along with it. On the other hand, I love being free and going out with friends, including men. So will being marriage prevent me to do so?Can I really settle down with one man all my life? What about those really really cute and intelligent guys out there? and with this, I freak out about marriage. how do i know he is the one for me? etc... I went out with my french boss yesterday. and I realized how much I missed just plain dating.. not that I am attracted to him or anything, though he is soo cute, BUT he smokes, so end of story.

And when I come home, I see the special someone. I wanna get married again!! HA! I guess it is what you value more. Dating sure is fun, but starting a family, a dream.. is fun too!! and I want that. YES, I definitely do want that all my life. Well, back to working hard for it!!

Yes, I am very very jealous for my xin fu friend.

jeudi, décembre 16, 2004

Why women rule!

It is a good read!!

This article is taken from Fortune website. And I totally concur!! Women are cut out for business, but sadly not all though! Especially not some bimbos I've met.haha

I for one, loves to do business. How nice will it be if I can quit my current job and just do business in my own time own target! Only then, will work become play! Yup, I look forward to that day!!!

Meanwhile, I have to still work hard!JIAYOU everyone!

The following extract got me pondering..
Once launched, why are women's businesses growing faster than men's? Ask a dozen female entrepreneurs, and you'll get 12 theories. "I think women have a natural advantage in tough economic times such as we've seen in the past two or three years," says Margaret Smith. "We're tenacious." A lawyer, Smith, 58, ditched her practice eight years ago and bought a kitchen-accessories and housewares store called Domus Contempo in Los Gatos, Calif. She has since added two more stores, in Pleasanton and Palo Alto. Before that, Smith had put herself through college and law school at night while working full-time and raising two sons as a single mom. So what's a little recession now and then?

Thomas J. Stanley, author of a new book called Millionaire Women Next Door: The Many Journeys of Successful American Businesswomen, thinks Smith has a point. Having studied 1,165 self-made female millionaires over a three-year span, he says, "Their defining characteristic is perseverance. Women have had to work harder than men. They're also more goal-oriented, more fastidious budgeters, and more frugal."

Read the whole article here!

mercredi, décembre 15, 2004

Hazardous Material, my foot!

Got this from a friend.. NOT FUNNY. Men keep complaining about women, why dun they go find a man instead!

Women are nothing but trouble...
Men are nothing but trouble seekers... Posted by Hello

mardi, décembre 14, 2004

A Yellow Sponge

Look who's here to haunt me.... Posted by Hello

For those who can't recognise him in the first picture.. This is definitely clearer huh!! I think I can recognise him even if he is 'reduced to ashes'. I can't believe my eyes when I saw him on TV this morning!! YES, he is here, in Paris to haunt me... Ok, as you can see, he is looking very determined, why? becos he wants to be a super hero. So he..... Posted by Hello

Play alot of badminton...(sorry for the blur picture)..AND..... Posted by Hello

He did alot of weights..... AND... Posted by Hello

He grew alot of muscles.. HAHAHA.. i nearly laughed my head of!!!!!

For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with him, he is in fact JUST A PIECE of yellow SPONGE!! what an oxymoron! A sponge (soft) with muscles(hard)!!!! That is not the end of the story!! Posted by Hello

Finally he went to space... AND I got angry with him because he made me late for work!!!!

I do not have a fetish for Spongebob squarepants. ........ I admit that I do find him amusing ok? Posted by Hello

Also.. I admit that the cartoon is in french, so I did not really understand everything. So i just convienently made up the above story myself. so if you happen to be the author of spongebob squarepants, please dun get angry with me ok?

And I might have accidentally rearranged the pictures to fit the story I came up with...