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mardi, novembre 23, 2004

Sexed up

I have been losing sleep lately..last night and the night before. I guess i was tramuatised by this friend of mine on sunday..

Maybe because I was rather high profile in school, hence my friends are also high profile. I am not sure.

I have concluded that men with power are usually charismatic. AND being so, they attracted girls. That leads to them being exposed to lotsa temptations. And very few men can resist such temptations. Especially those hot-blooded ones.

From my previous experience, I have concluded so. BUT what tramautised me so much was my conversation with my friend on Sunday. He is currently the president of some organisation which I shall not mention. I always see him as a stable man, one that pampers his girlfriend and remains loyal. In short, a family man. I remember still, how he wakes up early to buy breakfast for his girlfriend, and how he hovers around her just to pamper her..

This is the same guy who confessed to me that he have had 2 one day stands while being with his girlfriend! For the benefit of those who do not know what is one day stand, it just means that they do it in the day, instead of in the night. AND after that, he got 2 temp girlfriends too. with ALL these women, he went ALL the way. How can it be?!? or m I the one that is way too conservative for this society??

What is even more shocking is---that the girls that he had one-day-stands with, are ALL attached! so bloody hell, 3 attached people are having fun poking each other. He said, it wasnt planned, it was just at the spur of the moment. Please lar, we are humans not animals, can't we practise some self control?

I am not as saintly as to condemn people who perform pre-martial sex. but please, can you just practise some morality? What can I say? The city is becoming more sexed up.