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dimanche, novembre 07, 2004

OK it is my normadie adventure.. basically, we've visited lotsa beaches..All with some war history behind them, they r not potrayed as places to relax, rather.. They took on a more serious role, the beaches in normadie are more like shrines to war heros who have died in the war. That wasnt quite what I was looking for, in my idea of the normandie trip.... Posted by Hello

another depressing beach.. the beaches here are of v coarse sand, and there are lotsa common seashells.. squashed into pieces by nochalant passerbys...everything here paints a gloomy picture.. the sea also of a depressing colour.. not clear blue Posted by Hello

Yet another depressing beach. Oh, i have decided not to upload pictures into webpages, so i will be uploading ALL my pictures here. Posted by Hello

In the war memorial for the 2nd WW..many americans died, fighting in France against the Germans. this is the statue of the flying american youths.. To think the previous war is not long gone yet, the world might be starting another one.... Posted by Hello