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dimanche, novembre 07, 2004

OK! i LOVE the architecture here.. its the norman architecture.. very fairy-tale-like!! Posted by Hello

i like the unique grandfather's clock in the foreground! it is in my dreamhomelist!!yes, i m compiling a list of things i want in my dream home. Posted by Hello

Gosh!! fashion police please stop this lady!! she is wearing an orange trench, orange bag, orange stockings, and orange with silver shoes!!  Posted by Hello

very nice piece.. its in my dreamhouselist Posted by Hello

interesting publicity!! reminds me of teletubbies! the guys walk ard with tellys on their back.. by a telcom company here Posted by Hello

AND he is cute..haha Posted by Hello

and the building here are so so different and so so nice..but i still love my country! Posted by Hello

oh its halloween today, and the candy shops have the most interesting window displays!! Posted by Hello

very ke ai! Posted by Hello

a guy with a spider on his head, and another with a weird hat is not a surprise on hallewen! Posted by Hello

Hmmm.. i think i might considering growing lotsa flowers outside my house next time.. (do they allow this in HDBs??) Posted by Hello

a very interesting lamp! i love the cheery colours!! so its in the list! Posted by Hello