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dimanche, novembre 07, 2004

Normandie Adventure

It was a LOVELY day when we set off for Normandie.. sun is shining.. birds are chirping..OH, i LOVE this old run down castle!! my friends laughed and say if you like the old broken down shop houses back at home. I said why not.. So pple.. lemme tell u a story.. Posted by Hello

The scenery is nice... everything is nice... UNTIL... Posted by Hello

TA DA!!our car went up the kerb, and got stuck there.. only 1 wheel is effectively in contact with the ground, and that one wheel does not have the power of driving the car up back to the road....luckily some strong french men came to our rescue!! they r really strong.. hmm.. is that the reason of the existence of SPGs??well.. tt is definitely an area tt men can improve on though.... Posted by Hello

we kinda trekked through the woods..i cant help feeling tt an elf or fairy will appear along the way!! but i was disappointed.. Posted by Hello

flowers are used to line the streets of Rouen.. so nice! Posted by Hello

somebody getting married.. HA! i love weddings.. cant help it!! Posted by Hello

A glimpse of the bride!! she is wearing a funny hat(i think) .. here they get married in the town hall. Posted by Hello

Posted by Hello

The town hall. Posted by Hello

eeks.. the bridesmaid!! she is also wearing something farnie on her head! Posted by Hello

teenagers here sit ard the town hall and play their guitar and talk.. i think Posted by Hello