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dimanche, novembre 21, 2004

A Guide to Affordable Eating Out in Paris

My first article for Singapore Students' Association of France

The cost of living here in Paris is almost double that of Singapore. If you have just arrived from Singapore, you will probably get a nasty shock. The dining here is so expensive, especially if you start converting back to SGD! And if you can’t cook (like me!), the allowance you get is usually hardly enough for eating out. This guide is also for those who are thinking of visiting Paris on a budget.

My number one favourite is Quick fast food restaurant. This restaurant is very popular in Paris, and like other fast food restaurants, it serves mainly burger, coke and fries. There is this set meal especially for students, that costs only €5.50. The meal includes 2 beef burgers, 1 pack of fries and a drink! So, the cost of each person is almost comparable to that of Singapore. To order for this student meal, you have got to have your Student Pass ready, and show it when you are ordering. The meal is upgradeable to a Fish Burger Meal that costs only a little more.

The carte u need Posted by Hello

You can get your International Student Pass from STA Travel in Orchard Towers, Level 7. All you need is your matriculation card, a photo and maybe your passport. Quick outlets are conveniently located in the busier streets of Paris, for example at Champs Elysees, there are 2 Quick outlets nearby.

Another alternative is, well, baguettes! There are plenty of bakeries (insert picture of bread shop below) (Bouglerie) in Paris, as bread is a staple food here. A simple baguette with ham will cost around €3. The pastry here is also worth a try, and they are not expensive. A big slice of Flan (an egg custard pie) will cost around €1.50, and it did fill me up for a breakfast.

Generally, if you dine in, be prepared to pay at least €10. To go budget, it is always better to patronise the sandwich stalls along the street!