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mardi, novembre 23, 2004

Girls Alert!

Since we are on this topic of Sexed up... I will like to take the chance to warn my fellow homosapiens of the existence of such creeps!!. While you are wearing your low waisted stuff..etc, some filthy, horny fellow is happily feasting his eyes on you. So, unless your intention is to be feasted at, beware.

And if you are wondering all the while, why will men steal female undergarment?? I used to think that they might want to smell it or something (like in the TV shows), BUT guess what its not! Read the creep's webby, and you will find out the horrible truth!!

Well, if you have a pet peeve like Jaime. Er.. good luck to you! There are still people who are dying to watch you flash yourself in the HDB blocks, topless, bottomless OR naked. bleah!~~