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jeudi, novembre 25, 2004

To do list

Hmm.. i think I have been with someone way tooo long liao.. GUESS WAT? the ever disorganised-even-after-someone-sponsored-her-a-PDA girl actually has a To Do List! Ha! that's me by the way!

I can't believe this, i actually did it to get organised at work and deleted off the lines after I have completed my tasks!!! i m sooo proud of myself.. Also, I am so proud of you! yes!! you! you have been such a big influence in my life=)

Singapourienne Nuit Blanche

Hier, mes singapourienne amies vas chez moi, apres un bon japonais diner. Nous nous boirons beaucoup de coke, et parlons beaucoup de temp. Aussi, nous nous jouer 'dai di', MAI je n'ai pas gagne! Pas une fois!!!!
Il me mis pense ma vie.... Est-ce que je suis heureux maintenant? Est-ce que c'est la vie je veux?? peut etre, peut etre pas...je me changer ma vie!

Au jourd'hui, je suis tres fatiguee apres le nuit blanche hier.. ZZZ.... je crois je vas domir en mon bureau...=PIt*s My Life
Yesterday night was actually one of my fav nights in Paris. I get to spend it with 2 very intelligent and capable Singaporean women.

When I came back today, what was left was only an A4 sized paper, with smudgy words on it. I almost fainted to read what I wrote when I was still half wake in the morning… ‘Last night was fun’ Crap! I actually wrote that this morning! HA! Sounds sooooo scandalous huh? Just in case your filthy mind is already starting to think of kinky stuff.. I will like to clarify that we are all STRAIGHT women, A even has a daughter for crying out loud!

I really should be resting now, but I can’t help pondering on our conversation last night. About Singapore being a place that lacks the human touch. About us being too competitive and playing politics. About being ambitious and balancing life.

“Wo fei de zhui gao zhui yuan…” That stupid song KEPT ringing in my head. Why? Thanks to Y for singing it out. I dun deny that I once had that kind of mentality. And I wonder if it is a common thing amongst Singaporeans. There was once all I wanted was to be a highly successful career woman, and to be the best. Singapore being such a small country, without natural resources (as emphasized upteemth time by our dearest gvt), has to be competitive in order to survive. Competitive. This 11-letter word has been making its guest appearances in our newspapers, textbooks, etc.. into our lives basically. I guess 3 of us agree that Singaporeans are very competitive. But what happens if we are not? Is it a must to be competitive for us? I wonder why are Asian countries so competitive, while the European ones can still relax. Why are we making life so difficult? Is there a better way?

Speaking of competitiveness, I still clearly remember the politics I had to play when I was in uni. It was then I totally LOST faith in friends, and the only ones I can trust now are my family and my bf. Why? Because a very good friend turned his back on me, WITH my very best friend (they happen to be a couple). It still hurts whenever I think of it. With this, I want to thank A for sharing so much with us, it kind of rekindles a little more faith in me. =) Still, I find it hard to trust people completely again. I find it difficult to open up to people. What is wrong with me?

I just hate politics to the core. Haha.. because I suck at it! I suck at sizing people up so much that I just give up doing it. But however, people kept warning that you have to protect yourself etc.. so instead of doing the sizing on my own, I ask questions, to know how others size people. Now come to think of it, what will happen even if I go on life without trying to size people? How will life be if I go on without protecting myself? I think the worst hangover from university life is that I’ve lost trust in people.

Pardon me for my grammar mistakes etc.. I am still well, half awake..

mercredi, novembre 24, 2004

My Prof

Aujourd'hui, I received a letter from my ex-prof..HA! he wanted to practise his french, so expected, so i happily replied in french too. anw, i think i will start blogging some in french to improve my very lousy french.....bear with me ok?

Bonjour Prof XXX!!

wah.. ton français est trés impressionnant!

Je vas trés bien, merci. Et tu?

Il fait frois maintenant en Paris, je n'aime pas sortir.

Est-ce que tu as occupie avec maintenant? Quoi de neuf?

à bientot,

mardi, novembre 23, 2004

Girls Alert!

Since we are on this topic of Sexed up... I will like to take the chance to warn my fellow homosapiens of the existence of such creeps!!. While you are wearing your low waisted stuff..etc, some filthy, horny fellow is happily feasting his eyes on you. So, unless your intention is to be feasted at, beware.

And if you are wondering all the while, why will men steal female undergarment?? I used to think that they might want to smell it or something (like in the TV shows), BUT guess what its not! Read the creep's webby, and you will find out the horrible truth!!

Well, if you have a pet peeve like Jaime. Er.. good luck to you! There are still people who are dying to watch you flash yourself in the HDB blocks, topless, bottomless OR naked. bleah!~~

Sexed up

I have been losing sleep lately..last night and the night before. I guess i was tramuatised by this friend of mine on sunday..

Maybe because I was rather high profile in school, hence my friends are also high profile. I am not sure.

I have concluded that men with power are usually charismatic. AND being so, they attracted girls. That leads to them being exposed to lotsa temptations. And very few men can resist such temptations. Especially those hot-blooded ones.

From my previous experience, I have concluded so. BUT what tramautised me so much was my conversation with my friend on Sunday. He is currently the president of some organisation which I shall not mention. I always see him as a stable man, one that pampers his girlfriend and remains loyal. In short, a family man. I remember still, how he wakes up early to buy breakfast for his girlfriend, and how he hovers around her just to pamper her..

This is the same guy who confessed to me that he have had 2 one day stands while being with his girlfriend! For the benefit of those who do not know what is one day stand, it just means that they do it in the day, instead of in the night. AND after that, he got 2 temp girlfriends too. with ALL these women, he went ALL the way. How can it be?!? or m I the one that is way too conservative for this society??

What is even more shocking is---that the girls that he had one-day-stands with, are ALL attached! so bloody hell, 3 attached people are having fun poking each other. He said, it wasnt planned, it was just at the spur of the moment. Please lar, we are humans not animals, can't we practise some self control?

I am not as saintly as to condemn people who perform pre-martial sex. but please, can you just practise some morality? What can I say? The city is becoming more sexed up.

dimanche, novembre 21, 2004

A Tast of Home Part 1

We had kong bao ji ding.. Posted by Hello

It is quite chim to make huh.. ANYWAY, we failed! it was way too spicy for me! somehow this dish makes me think of my uni days, I used to eat this every night with my roomie, aka my best friend! Its her fav dish too!! Posted by Hello

Ridiculous Children TV..Part1

Watching TV Posted by Hello
ridiculous Posted by Hello

A Guide to Affordable Eating Out in Paris

My first article for Singapore Students' Association of France

The cost of living here in Paris is almost double that of Singapore. If you have just arrived from Singapore, you will probably get a nasty shock. The dining here is so expensive, especially if you start converting back to SGD! And if you can’t cook (like me!), the allowance you get is usually hardly enough for eating out. This guide is also for those who are thinking of visiting Paris on a budget.

My number one favourite is Quick fast food restaurant. This restaurant is very popular in Paris, and like other fast food restaurants, it serves mainly burger, coke and fries. There is this set meal especially for students, that costs only €5.50. The meal includes 2 beef burgers, 1 pack of fries and a drink! So, the cost of each person is almost comparable to that of Singapore. To order for this student meal, you have got to have your Student Pass ready, and show it when you are ordering. The meal is upgradeable to a Fish Burger Meal that costs only a little more.

The carte u need Posted by Hello

You can get your International Student Pass from STA Travel in Orchard Towers, Level 7. All you need is your matriculation card, a photo and maybe your passport. Quick outlets are conveniently located in the busier streets of Paris, for example at Champs Elysees, there are 2 Quick outlets nearby.

Another alternative is, well, baguettes! There are plenty of bakeries (insert picture of bread shop below) (Bouglerie) in Paris, as bread is a staple food here. A simple baguette with ham will cost around €3. The pastry here is also worth a try, and they are not expensive. A big slice of Flan (an egg custard pie) will cost around €1.50, and it did fill me up for a breakfast.

Generally, if you dine in, be prepared to pay at least €10. To go budget, it is always better to patronise the sandwich stalls along the street!

Tangs Posted by Hello

here Posted by Hello

The best store to shop.. Posted by Hello

China town Posted by Hello

I had dinner with uncle patrick...this is for desserts..*drools* Posted by Hello

okok.. i couldnt resist but to take a picture of my roomie's scarf..this is her favourite scarf.. she loves the colour...er... ok.. i have no comments.. Posted by Hello

i fell down today...=((...i m actually fell flat.. like.. starlight..the unicorn.. Posted by Hello

This lovely melody chain too!! so nice!!!!got a small fake diamond too.. Posted by Hello

GETTING SERIOUS:i will love to thank my 3 GREAT friends for my birthday presents!! cos they sooooo go well with my new bag!!!=P Lotsa hugs and kisses to everyone!!! Posted by Hello

My new wallet!

meanwhile.. lemme flaunt my new wallet!haha very cute and nice hor Posted by Hello
alot of compartments too!!=P Posted by Hello

here, a picture of her bag.. anyone who knows me will know tt she is not my type. blah..i miss my friends to whom i can tok girlish rubbish to..=( Posted by Hello

and also a pair of thermal socks!haha..a friend of a friend of mine is coming to stay today.. I was v excited. until i found out tt she is not my type...  Posted by Hello

On the same happy day, i bought this lovely pair of gloves for myself!=P .. Posted by Hello

my birthday presents from singapore!! so happy!! Love the wrappers. Posted by Hello

A classy renoma cafe gallery.. nice.. Posted by Hello

Esplanade in Paris too.. i feel like home...=) Posted by Hello

Another cafe! this one is decorated by copper pans! so unique! Posted by Hello

all went well until I ate this one.. it is supposed to be a healthy food, tt u can eat for your meal.blah!! healthy food <> good food!! Posted by Hello

Besides working.. i happily tucked into the delicious samples providing by the vendors...yummy! Posted by Hello