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lundi, octobre 18, 2004

Slap her, She's French!!

Ok pple, this is NOT a movie review, nor is it even remotely associated to the movie.

One day, we happily went shopping after work, to Monoprix, a shop where all the French goes for groceries and clothings. And when we were going back, we couldnt quite remember where we came from, so we were looking for the nearest Metro station.

'Hey!!! the Metro is just there!' exclaimed my friend excitedly, followed by a loud pea--ahhhh----ke sound. Good gracious!! in his haste of pointing in the direction of the metro, my friend ACTUALLY gave the french lady walking innocently behind him ONE FULL TIGHT SLAP!! hahahaa.. the slap was so loud that even i could hear it, standing at about 10metres away. apparently my friend did a full swing, (turning his arm 180degrees) and land it convienently on her cheek. i must say, she doesnt look v pleased....oopsSlap her, She's French!!