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dimanche, octobre 24, 2004

Louis Vuitton

Ok, I went to the LV shop on Champs-Elysee on friday..
After being approached by China and Japanese people on Champs-Elysee, to assist them to purchase their precious LV items.. (side note: LV puts a limit to the amount of items that tourist can buy. Usually a bag and a wallet) So the greedy, adventurous.. and KIND HEARTED(hahaha) me decided to give it a try, and see if i can get anythiing in return.
So, it was one fine day, my friend and I was walking along CE to look for a Dior boutique.. for my DEAREST sister.. So, as we were walking pass the LV boutique, we were approached by a china couple. So, i agreed to help them
So, as we were walking towards the LV boutique, we were 'briefed about our mission'. They showed us a picture of the exact bag that they want. OK, fine, it costs 680 Euros..gulps!.. *act cool* then they instructed us to buy any wallet that is not too cheap, ard 400 euros.so, they pulled us to a side and handed us the money, 1100 euros each! i was so freaked out holding so much money.
Bravely, we walked into the LV shop, the china pple did not want to come in, as they said that they had a quarrel with the staff earlier. As soon as we stepped in, we went separate ways, as the people might not let us buy twice if we are together. (so claimed by the chinese couple). To put on a convincing act, I acted cool, and examined the bag closely, and requested a few wallets to choose from. CRAP, I REALLY WANT A LV WALLET!! *drools*
So, when I was going to pay, the shop manager said that they cant accept cash now, so well, ok.. i paused.. in a split seconds' time, i decided to pay via my taka card.
When i took the products out, suddenly china pple came from all directions, surrounded me. the lady who approached me just now thanked me profusely. ok, i m initimated. But her happiness was short lived when i informed her that i m going to claim back the exchange rate that will be incurred when i use my credit card. They started getting agressive, saying tt they will lose alot of money, and that i shouldnt buy in the first place. ok lor.. i was tulan liao.. i bravely argued that I walked all the way here to help u, and in the end you confront me like this. At this time, my fren came out, and i just announced that I want to go for my dinner, and lets end the matter here. AND i actually walked off.
WOW, i admire myself for my guts! but... haha.. my guts suddenly disappear when we were going home. What if they followed us, wanting to seize the opportunity to rob the money back? what if they are going to follow us to our house.. etc etc.. I freaked out.. So i requested to go back to my frend's house with him, and i actually wanted to call his roomie to escort us! come on... there are like.. ard 8 china pple verus 2 of us hor!!But when i reached the metro station near my fren's house, i looked ard, hmm.. nobody is on the platform, so there cant be any one following us. ONLY THEN, i decided to take the money back to my house. anw, I am going to the bank the next day.
it was quite an experience.