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mercredi, octobre 20, 2004

It*s My Life

Yoz, just came back for getting my residence permit. it is something like spore's SIR.

today, i've got a REAL flavour of the french people..so, the place opens at 9am, when my colleagues reached there at 815pm, there are already pple queuing there.we were instructed by our boss to go 45min in advance, and already there is a Q.my fren commented 'isnt queuing our national sport?' GRRR..i cant stand pple who puts themselves down, will touch on that another day!

They happily informed our boss tt singaporeans love queuing, 'even not sure of what they are queuing they will also queue'..ok, i m digressing

so, when the door of the place finally opened, we see miscellenous pple appearing from nowhere, approaching the door (NOTE: they are not in the queue!). they seem to be well armed with the book that i was reading--'101 reasons why they should let me go first, even if i m not in the queue'..oops, just kidding!one old lady was requesting to go first, and when the police officer said yes, a whole brunch of people came and went in together with her!and we see different pple with walking support(young pple), a lady with a bandage ard her finger...etc trying to cut Q.
Our boss smiled, and admitted to us that cutting queues is the national sport of French. humpf, speaking of being uncultured, ungracious. I think sgaporens should not put themselves down anymore, neither should we let ANY other pple put us down, we should be proud of who we are. If you say we are not gracious, well, we are improving, and doing very well indeed! SO, COULD YOU PLS STOP PUTTING URSELF DOWN IN PUBLIC AGAIN!?!

i had a debate with my colleagues on this the other time, we saw a long queue while strolling, they were saying 'ay? i tot only sgaporens love to Q?' COME ON LAR, knock ur stupid head, and ask urself the follong questions:
1. what do u mean by sgaporeans Q for nothing, when there is in fact something tangible to be obtained at the end of the Q?
2. ok, u think that Q-ing for Hello Kittys are stupid n meaningless, and u think that pple from other countries Q for more meaningful things. WELL, meaning is what u put into the item you r Q-ing for. for some guys, they spend their time queuing for the HK toy, so that they can see that bright smile on their gf's face, to them its worth while. Maybe u dun concur, cos u are not interested in making ur loved ones happy..etc.., but just becos u r such a selfish person, doesnt mean that others will be like u!
3. u think that HK are stupid, but u think that Q-ing for star wars collectibles are well worth the time. See, you dun see any meaning in what others are collecting, and u can only see meaning in what u like? HOW SELF CENTRED!!!
4. crap, i noe that these are not questions, but i m really pissed with people who looks down upon their own country men. EVEN my friends from poorer countries do not look down upon themselves, why should we?!

ok..ttz all for the complaining.

So, while we were waiting inside, my fren ask my other fren, 'the blond lady ca1 ni3 qian2 mian4, hai shi hou mian?' and then they burst out laughing! AND the slow me, as my blacksheep friend always say tt i m slow! could not get the joke, until they repeated it the 4th time. SO IF u cannot get the joke,u are S.L.O.W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It*s My Life