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samedi, octobre 16, 2004

It*s My Life

ahh.. betta..
my period came.. SIAN.
I forgot to put in tampons. damn sian. today's going to be a heavy fllow day!
yesterday nite, i opend the tampons tt i bought here. EEEEEE!!
HORRORS!! it is like.. 2.5 times thicker than the ones i got back home!
does tt mean tt french women got bigger.. CB?? :P
AND the tampon doesnt last! nevermind.. sian.
After some hours (over the days) reading someone else's blog.. I WANNA HAVE A BLOG OF MY OWN!! I hate periods.. menses.. it is digusting.. yucks! and I actaully truly wanted to be a man becos if this stupid steam of blood flowing outta my erm..below. But as I grew up, I decided tt getting pampered by men is indeed a better choice! hence i m still 100% female. not a transvestite.

anw anw.. my skirt is giving a tummy!! it has gathers ard the waist and 'pong' out like some tummy. OKOK, i do have a tummy, but not so big ok!!??!! cw, u should remember this checked skirt we bought from HK, together with thw white woolen top with detached sleeves..
It*s My Life