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dimanche, octobre 17, 2004

Eurostar VS ME

Eurostar is getting on my nerves!! happily i was planning a trip to london in december, as my french uncle, uncle pat, told me that there is a HUGE sale in london, yearly sale!! everything is half off! I was told tt it is the only time that the stuff in london is worth buying. WHAT AM I WAITING FOR??

Ok, the eurostar webby sucks. First, they asked me to choose a country. So i chose France. Then I was directed to a FULL french website.. argh.. okok, franatically clicked back. and choose London. ok.. the webby is in english,but alas, the tickets available are ALL from london.. eg. london to paris, london to ltaly..etc. GRR.. so i clicked back n chose Singapore(yah!!).. only to find out tt to book the ticket, i had to call the singapore office. ARGH!

then i decided to book online and save the 5 pounds telephone booking fee. happily, i registered online. AND when i got to the part where i had to key in my address, when i key in my country (France), the preferred language automatically set to 'French'!! AND i cant change it, as it is a label, not a textbox!! PISS!!

ok, enuff of complaining, i've decided to send an email to them. ANW, on TV now is a full coverage of 2046, apparently it is hot here. Also hot in UK, as I read it in ELLE UK edition. So proud of Wong Karwei.. So happy to see Tony on TV!!!(speaking like i know him..haha)his english is horrible.. but hack! french pple cant even tell!!:PIt*s My Life