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mercredi, octobre 27, 2004

A DOOM-ME's Guide To French-lish --Part 1

After hours n hours listening to French-english.. i think i m qualified to write a guide on it. So for those ARTY FARTY french worshippers....here is ur chance to pick up a french slang, and drop your fake american one! HAHA..(the title is also in French-lish)

I shall start step by step, teaching more conversational stuff, so that it is easier for you to speak it.

Lesson 1
Have ==> 'F' (just the alphabet F)
a ==> ah
=============end of lesson=======================
Sentence of the day: I have a pen
ans==> I 'F' ah pen
It is VERY important for you to practise your homework.

disclaimer: the author is not responsible for any mishaps OR DE-provement of your english cause by practising French-lish.