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vendredi, octobre 29, 2004

A bad day

Yesterday was the worst day of my life....... ok i AM exaggerating.. it is the worst day in Paris. After a bad time at work, and bad arguement with my fren...etc... and i still had to go to do groceries to stock up for our holiday! :(

Lao Ying Ji Hua (Plan Eagle..)
you have to be a fan of hongkong police show to understd this

A:LaoYing calling MaQue, LaoYing calling MaQue! Target will be appearing in 3mins, Target appearing in 3mins
B:MaQue calling LaoYing, MaQue calling LaoYing! Plan S started successfully. Awaiting appearance of target

ME: an unsuspected target who just fell prey to Plan S, walking straight in(or rather stepping right ONTO) to the wet, strong smelling, soft AND warm trap.

****Credits rolling*********

Many thanks to P*r*s for providing the location

Blah blah blah.........

Pedestrian A as LaoYing
Pedestrian B (Pedestrian A's dog) as MaQue
Pedestrian B's shit as Plan S
Me as unsuspecting target.

The End