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vendredi, octobre 29, 2004

A bad day

Yesterday was the worst day of my life....... ok i AM exaggerating.. it is the worst day in Paris. After a bad time at work, and bad arguement with my fren...etc... and i still had to go to do groceries to stock up for our holiday! :(

Lao Ying Ji Hua (Plan Eagle..)
you have to be a fan of hongkong police show to understd this

A:LaoYing calling MaQue, LaoYing calling MaQue! Target will be appearing in 3mins, Target appearing in 3mins
B:MaQue calling LaoYing, MaQue calling LaoYing! Plan S started successfully. Awaiting appearance of target

ME: an unsuspected target who just fell prey to Plan S, walking straight in(or rather stepping right ONTO) to the wet, strong smelling, soft AND warm trap.

****Credits rolling*********

Many thanks to P*r*s for providing the location

Blah blah blah.........

Pedestrian A as LaoYing
Pedestrian B (Pedestrian A's dog) as MaQue
Pedestrian B's shit as Plan S
Me as unsuspecting target.

The End

mercredi, octobre 27, 2004

A DOOM-ME's Guide To French-lish --Part 1

After hours n hours listening to French-english.. i think i m qualified to write a guide on it. So for those ARTY FARTY french worshippers....here is ur chance to pick up a french slang, and drop your fake american one! HAHA..(the title is also in French-lish)

I shall start step by step, teaching more conversational stuff, so that it is easier for you to speak it.

Lesson 1
Have ==> 'F' (just the alphabet F)
a ==> ah
=============end of lesson=======================
Sentence of the day: I have a pen
ans==> I 'F' ah pen
It is VERY important for you to practise your homework.

disclaimer: the author is not responsible for any mishaps OR DE-provement of your english cause by practising French-lish.

lundi, octobre 25, 2004


in a good mood today. :) came to the office, check my emails.... just one week of not submitting my sewing machine, i've got 4 mails of anxious buyers..HAHAHA.i AM THE KING!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.. ok shall stop the xiao zhang-ness....

i've also got s' reply and gotten the contact of the makeup artiste that i trust. HA!! my life is wonderful and beautiful again!!!!!!!!!lalala~~~~~~

dimanche, octobre 24, 2004

Louis Vuitton

Ok, I went to the LV shop on Champs-Elysee on friday..
After being approached by China and Japanese people on Champs-Elysee, to assist them to purchase their precious LV items.. (side note: LV puts a limit to the amount of items that tourist can buy. Usually a bag and a wallet) So the greedy, adventurous.. and KIND HEARTED(hahaha) me decided to give it a try, and see if i can get anythiing in return.
So, it was one fine day, my friend and I was walking along CE to look for a Dior boutique.. for my DEAREST sister.. So, as we were walking pass the LV boutique, we were approached by a china couple. So, i agreed to help them
So, as we were walking towards the LV boutique, we were 'briefed about our mission'. They showed us a picture of the exact bag that they want. OK, fine, it costs 680 Euros..gulps!.. *act cool* then they instructed us to buy any wallet that is not too cheap, ard 400 euros.so, they pulled us to a side and handed us the money, 1100 euros each! i was so freaked out holding so much money.
Bravely, we walked into the LV shop, the china pple did not want to come in, as they said that they had a quarrel with the staff earlier. As soon as we stepped in, we went separate ways, as the people might not let us buy twice if we are together. (so claimed by the chinese couple). To put on a convincing act, I acted cool, and examined the bag closely, and requested a few wallets to choose from. CRAP, I REALLY WANT A LV WALLET!! *drools*
So, when I was going to pay, the shop manager said that they cant accept cash now, so well, ok.. i paused.. in a split seconds' time, i decided to pay via my taka card.
When i took the products out, suddenly china pple came from all directions, surrounded me. the lady who approached me just now thanked me profusely. ok, i m initimated. But her happiness was short lived when i informed her that i m going to claim back the exchange rate that will be incurred when i use my credit card. They started getting agressive, saying tt they will lose alot of money, and that i shouldnt buy in the first place. ok lor.. i was tulan liao.. i bravely argued that I walked all the way here to help u, and in the end you confront me like this. At this time, my fren came out, and i just announced that I want to go for my dinner, and lets end the matter here. AND i actually walked off.
WOW, i admire myself for my guts! but... haha.. my guts suddenly disappear when we were going home. What if they followed us, wanting to seize the opportunity to rob the money back? what if they are going to follow us to our house.. etc etc.. I freaked out.. So i requested to go back to my frend's house with him, and i actually wanted to call his roomie to escort us! come on... there are like.. ard 8 china pple verus 2 of us hor!!But when i reached the metro station near my fren's house, i looked ard, hmm.. nobody is on the platform, so there cant be any one following us. ONLY THEN, i decided to take the money back to my house. anw, I am going to the bank the next day.
it was quite an experience.

vendredi, octobre 22, 2004

Chi Zai --- Being Vegetarian...

Chi Zai, means not eating meat. so 'Zai' chicken, is effectively flour made flavoured AND coloured to taste like chicken. 'Zai' duck, is effectively flour made flavoured AND coloured to taste like duck.and zai cha siew is..............etc etc etc..(fill in the blanks yourself!)

my males frens were discussing about.. chi zai...again today. and mind you, it takes on a totally different meaning.

Let me educate u:
Chi zai verb + noun
on chicken means eating fake chicken(u get what i mean lar)
on duck means eating fake duck(u get what i mean lar)
how about on porn?
on porn it means watching .....anime..

i almost &�"'"-(�� when i heard it!

so my dear fren, to reduce his guilt level, is happily watching animated pornography every nite!! WHAT THE!!

how can it be justified? Can men live without porn? Is watching animated porn more 'right' than watching real pple in action?


jeudi, octobre 21, 2004

It*s My Life

It is the site where i visit when i m bored or sick of work.. VERY VERY RECOMMENDED! top grade humour and v sacastic.. so much tt some people fail to get the jokes, and even rebutt angrily!! HA! WELL DONE T.C.!!
the below is one of my favs.. WE the citizen section
It contains a diary of a SPG, and this is just one of the entries I LOVE!
Chuay Pek Lang, 23, Sarong Party Girl

So bad, you know!

I just read in the Straits Times, got some chao ang mor journalist write that all these Asian women are flirting with ang mor men and tempting them away from their wives and children!

That's not true! The ang mor men are also tempting me, what.

It's two-way temptation.

I'm tempting them away from their frumpy wives with their water-retaining ankles, while they are tempting me away from typical stoner Singapore men with their boring lifestyles.

I also think it's very unfair to call Asian women who prefer ang mor men 'sarong party girls'. I mean, we rarely wear sarongs. It covers up too much.

People always ask me why I only want to date ang mor men.

It's because ang mor men treat their women with so much more respect than Asian men do.

Asian men are only interested in having us so that we can have children and form a family. Asian men see us only as wives. In their eyes, we are these boring, quiet, obedient and meek mice.

Whereas what the ang mor men see are sexy, long-haired, provocatively-dressed sirens.

In other words, unlike Asian men, they see us as individuals and not stereotypes.

That's why I'm doing whatever it takes to snag an ang mor - dressing sexily, getting tanned within an inch of skin cancer, growing long, straight hair.

I'm doing it so that I can retain my dignity and respect!

And why go out with Asian men? They always eventually have affairs with prostitutes in some foreign country, leaving their poor wives behind. Ang mor men are not like that at all!

Some more Asian men are not as socially sophisticated as ang mor men.

For example, when I'm at a bar, I can approach an ang mor man, even a stranger, anytime and they will chat with me, buy me drinks. So pleasant!

Whereas these Asian men are downright unpleasant - always coming up and trying to chat and buy me drinks. I mean, they're complete strangers! What do they think I am? The sleazeballs!

My favourite place to meet ang mor men is Boat Quay.

I think there is something magical and romantic there, right next to the water.

One of my ang mor boyfriends also believes it's some sort of magical tradition for Asian women and ang mor men to meet by the waterside.

He said that on every pier in every Asian country, there are always Asian women there waiting to meet ang mor men! Isn't that nice?

Which is why when people call me racist for preferring ang mor men, I always disagree.

Racist is when you think of another race as inferior, whereas I think of another race as superior.

Some more, there's proof that ang mors are genetically superior to Asian men.

I mean look at chap cheng babies. So nice looking, with big, round eyes. Not like Asian babies with their slitty, chicken eyes.

So how can I possibly be racist? These people, ah, all talk cock.
Talking Cock

mercredi, octobre 20, 2004

It*s My Life

Yoz, just came back for getting my residence permit. it is something like spore's SIR.

today, i've got a REAL flavour of the french people..so, the place opens at 9am, when my colleagues reached there at 815pm, there are already pple queuing there.we were instructed by our boss to go 45min in advance, and already there is a Q.my fren commented 'isnt queuing our national sport?' GRRR..i cant stand pple who puts themselves down, will touch on that another day!

They happily informed our boss tt singaporeans love queuing, 'even not sure of what they are queuing they will also queue'..ok, i m digressing

so, when the door of the place finally opened, we see miscellenous pple appearing from nowhere, approaching the door (NOTE: they are not in the queue!). they seem to be well armed with the book that i was reading--'101 reasons why they should let me go first, even if i m not in the queue'..oops, just kidding!one old lady was requesting to go first, and when the police officer said yes, a whole brunch of people came and went in together with her!and we see different pple with walking support(young pple), a lady with a bandage ard her finger...etc trying to cut Q.
Our boss smiled, and admitted to us that cutting queues is the national sport of French. humpf, speaking of being uncultured, ungracious. I think sgaporens should not put themselves down anymore, neither should we let ANY other pple put us down, we should be proud of who we are. If you say we are not gracious, well, we are improving, and doing very well indeed! SO, COULD YOU PLS STOP PUTTING URSELF DOWN IN PUBLIC AGAIN!?!

i had a debate with my colleagues on this the other time, we saw a long queue while strolling, they were saying 'ay? i tot only sgaporens love to Q?' COME ON LAR, knock ur stupid head, and ask urself the follong questions:
1. what do u mean by sgaporeans Q for nothing, when there is in fact something tangible to be obtained at the end of the Q?
2. ok, u think that Q-ing for Hello Kittys are stupid n meaningless, and u think that pple from other countries Q for more meaningful things. WELL, meaning is what u put into the item you r Q-ing for. for some guys, they spend their time queuing for the HK toy, so that they can see that bright smile on their gf's face, to them its worth while. Maybe u dun concur, cos u are not interested in making ur loved ones happy..etc.., but just becos u r such a selfish person, doesnt mean that others will be like u!
3. u think that HK are stupid, but u think that Q-ing for star wars collectibles are well worth the time. See, you dun see any meaning in what others are collecting, and u can only see meaning in what u like? HOW SELF CENTRED!!!
4. crap, i noe that these are not questions, but i m really pissed with people who looks down upon their own country men. EVEN my friends from poorer countries do not look down upon themselves, why should we?!

ok..ttz all for the complaining.

So, while we were waiting inside, my fren ask my other fren, 'the blond lady ca1 ni3 qian2 mian4, hai shi hou mian?' and then they burst out laughing! AND the slow me, as my blacksheep friend always say tt i m slow! could not get the joke, until they repeated it the 4th time. SO IF u cannot get the joke,u are S.L.O.W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It*s My Life

lundi, octobre 18, 2004

Avatar, i want


check it out,, can create me anot??? i want an avatar.. i want i want i want!!!!(eeks.. y r u acting like a spoiled child!?!)

A Fabuloso day at the huge car exhibition!! for more photos.. go to my picture blog from my main page, www.geocities.com/pene109e .... Posted by Hello

In the french senate, there is a huge library!!That is my fav place in the senate!! and no, no becos i love to read.... It is just becos the library just looks like what I saw in 1 of my fav cartoon--Beauty n the Beast!! Posted by Hello

A day at the French Senate! a very rare chance as it only opens once a year! ...we uphold justice n peace... Posted by Hello

RASCALS!! haha.. this is the reason y pple like T doesnt want to have kids!! Posted by Hello

A favorite past time amongst the french children.they use their stick to push the boat ard the lake..  Posted by Hello

This very adorable infant is happy engrossed in his book...Owwww... Posted by Hello

Slap her, She's French!!

Ok pple, this is NOT a movie review, nor is it even remotely associated to the movie.

One day, we happily went shopping after work, to Monoprix, a shop where all the French goes for groceries and clothings. And when we were going back, we couldnt quite remember where we came from, so we were looking for the nearest Metro station.

'Hey!!! the Metro is just there!' exclaimed my friend excitedly, followed by a loud pea--ahhhh----ke sound. Good gracious!! in his haste of pointing in the direction of the metro, my friend ACTUALLY gave the french lady walking innocently behind him ONE FULL TIGHT SLAP!! hahahaa.. the slap was so loud that even i could hear it, standing at about 10metres away. apparently my friend did a full swing, (turning his arm 180degrees) and land it convienently on her cheek. i must say, she doesnt look v pleased....oopsSlap her, She's French!!

Counting and counting....

what the hell m i calculating????!!! *ponders*

*ponders more....*

Its the pages left for me to read, silly!!! here i m, sitting opposite my boss, risking my life to blog. CRAP, i m 66.1764...% through my document after almost a whole day of struggle..:(It*s My Life

dimanche, octobre 17, 2004

Eurostar VS ME

Eurostar is getting on my nerves!! happily i was planning a trip to london in december, as my french uncle, uncle pat, told me that there is a HUGE sale in london, yearly sale!! everything is half off! I was told tt it is the only time that the stuff in london is worth buying. WHAT AM I WAITING FOR??

Ok, the eurostar webby sucks. First, they asked me to choose a country. So i chose France. Then I was directed to a FULL french website.. argh.. okok, franatically clicked back. and choose London. ok.. the webby is in english,but alas, the tickets available are ALL from london.. eg. london to paris, london to ltaly..etc. GRR.. so i clicked back n chose Singapore(yah!!).. only to find out tt to book the ticket, i had to call the singapore office. ARGH!

then i decided to book online and save the 5 pounds telephone booking fee. happily, i registered online. AND when i got to the part where i had to key in my address, when i key in my country (France), the preferred language automatically set to 'French'!! AND i cant change it, as it is a label, not a textbox!! PISS!!

ok, enuff of complaining, i've decided to send an email to them. ANW, on TV now is a full coverage of 2046, apparently it is hot here. Also hot in UK, as I read it in ELLE UK edition. So proud of Wong Karwei.. So happy to see Tony on TV!!!(speaking like i know him..haha)his english is horrible.. but hack! french pple cant even tell!!:PIt*s My Life

The grass patch i mentioned earlier.. man.. i love kids!! These 2 little girls are having so much fun somersaulting again.. n again.. n again.. *sign*.. pure simple fun. Posted by Hello

La tour effiel.. is ever crowded with tourists!! on the other side of the tower, is a big patch of grass where the french sit and enjoy the scenery and sun.
 Posted by Hello

Moulin Rouge with its rich history remains as posh place, despite its trade. Some of the branded parfum's launches take place here. AND its darn expensive! Posted by Hello

And of course the all famous moulin rouge is on this street! Posted by Hello

One WHOLE long long street filled with sex shops!! look how happy the men are! Eeks..  Posted by Hello

I like her outfit!! I did not manage to get her pink boots though, what a pity. very nicely matched. ANW, fyi, french guys are way better looking than french ladies.. *drools*.. This lady is a tourist btw, and there are alot of well dressed tourists!French women's dressing are wayyyyy overhyped! being a fashion capital, parisians are not dressing up to expectations.(will show some examples if i manage to get some) Posted by Hello

French star struck fans!! they wun lose out to the ones we have back home...:P (I am not saying any names..) It seems to be some punkish star.. cos the fans are all very punkish. There is one with bright red hair...Posted by Hello

This is a very sharp slope.. this little boy is happily pushing his bike up and sliding down.. again n again.. what a simple kind of joy.. *ponders* Posted by Hello

Another CAFE!!! nice nice tables.. look carefully, the table tops are made of pieces of colourful broken tiles.. very creative, very nice!! Posted by Hello

A very unique cafe.. Look carefully, u can see the big vases in front containing flowers. they are pictures of roosters painting on them!nice!!(expect lots of cafe pictures.. cos i love them!!) Posted by Hello

A nice cafe by the street... Posted by Hello

Another picture of tt.. very arty-farty.. i like!! Posted by Hello

Artists painting by the roadside... nice.. Posted by Hello

Another picture of the xin fu nu ren...:) Posted by Hello

LOOK!! a wedding taking place in the castle-like church...(i want....*whine*) Posted by Hello

A Old and Beautiful Church...a very romantic place...with artists painting nearby. Posted by Hello

Busking en France~~
Something I will consider doing with i m too poor... after shopping:P
 Posted by Hello

A sweet n nice old couple, wearing matching clothings...holding hands...the old man is waiting patiently for his old mate. How sweet!!! (I wish I can have this...) Posted by Hello

Love the pedal pushers and the tongs:) Posted by Hello